Eva Jarrah exits the jet's tail section with Clementine Phillips following. The cord connecting the two didn't give Clementine much choice. The winds buffeted the pair, as they plunged at terminal velocity. The darkness made Clementine feel like she was suspended in a vat of ink. Only the occasional view of some pinpoints of light on the ground gave her any sense of orientation. Clementine didn't know their exact jump altitude but it seemed like the seconds were crawling by and that anytime they would go SPLAT!! Suddenly, she felt Eva cut their connection and pull her ripcord. The sudden whooshing sound. The sudden jerk! Then the eerie sense of suspension. She knew her chute had just opened. Then THUD! Clementine was down. She heard another thud. Eva was nearby. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she saw that they were on top of a tall, ancient structure. The temple! Clementine struggled out of her chute. Eva was soon next to her. "There is a roof exit, to our right," Eva whispered, "that will lead us to a spiral stairwell. There should be an elevator entrance that will take us down to the vault." "Lead the way Tomb Raider!" Clementine said. They moved quickly. Through the entrance. Down the stairwell. Into the elevator. Down to the vault. Clementine stood before the vault. "This thing looks out of place in a dungeon like this," she said. It was stainless steel with a Remington 3000 lock. But Clementine knew this type of lock so she quickly went to work as Eva stood guard. Soft touch here. Slow spin there. Double-back code. Disco! Done! Clementine swings open the vault's doors, revealing a wall of lockboxes. Eva calls out, "Box 42 contains the target!" Clementine quickly locates it. Open. Dharma. Octagon. Grab! "Lets jet!!" Clementine says. Eva produces a tube container and Clementine seals the documents inside. Suddenly, there is noise above. Footsteps. Voices. They decide not to take the elevator back up and instead find another stairwell leading back up to the roof. Eva leads the way. Back on the roof, Clementine says, "Hey, Indiana Jarrah, what's your plan for getting out of here?" Eva smiles and takes out rubber material and a small helium container. She quickly inflates a small balloon attached to a cable. "Oh, great Julie Verne, we gonna float away?" Clementine asks. Eva hooks the cable to a harness. Clementine then hears the oncoming roar of a low-flying jet. Eva pulls out a gun and turns to Clementine. "Give me the document tube now. I've got a plane to catch." Clementine smiles, "I guess I only had a one way ticket." "Unfortunately for you, yes," Eva says, "I will tell Mr. X what a wonderful burglar you were. Now give me the tube!" Clementine could hear the jet getting closer. Eva cocks the gun. Clementine starts to hand her the tube then suddenly uses it like a bat. She swings to the right, knocking Eva's gun out of her hand. Then a swing to the left knocks Eva out. Just then the jet roars overhead, snagging the balloon's cable. Up and away goes Eva. "So long, Zor-El, tell Mr. X thanks for the pardon!" Clementine laughs. Gun shots then ring out. At first Clementine thought that someone was shooting at the jet but when a bullet zips by her head, she knew it was time to go. Problem was where? To be continued: Next Chap 12 "Brother Bester"

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