Ji-Yeon Kwon was brought into the temple. Its dark, damp rooms resembled something right out of the 14th century. In fact, that was about when the structure was built. She was escorted into an elevator, which quickly descended several levels. When the doors opened, she found herself in a large room with a dome ceiling. The ceiling's hemispherical shape reminded Ji-Yeon of a planetarium she once visited as a child. The entire ceiling was a mirror. When Ji-Yeon peered up, she would see her reflection standing on the ceiling peering down. 'Its kinda trippy,' Ji-Yeon thought. Julian Carlson was her tutor and tour guide for the night. "This is where your lesson will begin, Ms. Kwon," he said. Ji-Yeon also noticed in the center of the room were four futuristic looking reclined chairs. Just behind the headrest of each chair was a tripod holding a white stone. Behind all the chairs, covering the entire rear wall was a series of elliptical cables. Julian invited Ji-Yeon to sit in one of the chairs. She did. It was very comfortable. Julian began the lesson. "Ms. Kwon, I am going to be as brief as possible. We have little time. In about two days this temple will be under attack. We will be under seige by a very well equipped army. "What is this army and why are they attacking?" Ji-Yeon asks. Julian hesitates, clears his throat, and continues. "This army has been organized by a treacherous individual. He wants something we have. An individual." "An individual?" Ji-Yeon says, "Who?" "That doesn't concern you now," Julian replies, "Our job is to stop this army at all costs. Ji-Yeon laughs, "How are we going to do that?" Julian walks over to the cables. "We are going to enter the "fields". We will power up this coil and fire a highly charged magnetic beam through those stones. We will be strapped in those chairs with the stones right behind our heads. The stones will "focus" the energy, creating a FP stabilizing field. This field will activate the timeon particles within our brains, allowing us to enter an infinite number of multi-verse timelines. However, you will concentrate on one single line. That line will represent the best quantum probabiltity that the attacking army will be successful. There, in that probability, you will "push the wave' and disable that army." Ji-Yeon sat silently. "I haven't the slightest idea what you just said!" Julian just smiled. "Yes, I know. Too technical. Sorry. Bottom line is this. When we are in the "stabilizing field" we will be able to "see" our perceptions projected upon the mirrors. There we can pick our targets and with a single, intense psychic charge, we can send out a wave to that target. The target will be unaware of the wave until their consciousness "observes" the wave. Then the wave will collapse into an intense energy particle that will effectivly melt the target's brain. That is about as basic as I can get. You will understand as you practice." Suddenly, the door opens and in walks an older man with white swept back hair, wearing a sackcloth. Julian smiles. "Martin! I want you to meet Ms. Ji-Yeon Kwon. This is the abbott of the temple. Martin Malachi. Ji-Yeon nodded. "Pleasure, Ms. Kwon," Malachi said, "but the lesson is cancelled! Scouts tell us the army is on their way now!" Julian turns to Ji-Yeon. "It looks like your training is going to be on the job." "And what does that mean?' Ji-Yeon asks. "It means," Julian says, "you will learn by killing!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 11 "The Vault"

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