When Clementine Phillips awoke, she had a splitting headache and found herself on another couch in another office. But this office was much larger and fancier. There was a large oak desk in front of her. Behind the desk, on the wall, were the initials MB. She tried to get up but her legs were still weak. So she remained seated. Suddenly, two large wooden doors opened and in walked a skinny man with olive colored wrinkled skin and a shock of white hair. He walked slowly and deliberately to the desk. To Clementine he looked ancient. He gently sat down in a leather chair, behind the large desk, and looked at her and smiled. His teeth were pearly white. His eyebrows were dark, as was his eyelashes. "Allow me to introduce myself," he said, his voice strenuous but strong, "my name is Richard Alpert. I am President and CEO of Mittelos Biosciences and we believe you have something we are very interested in." "Oh, you do, do you?" Clementine said sarcastically, her head still throbbing, "listen, Methusela, I'm appreciative that you took care of those two Romonov kids, but I don't appreciate the way you "invited" me to your little meeting! Now again, as I told those two Russians, I don't know what you are talking about!" Alpert laughed, "Yes, you do. I had my agents at Remington's party as well. They watched you. They followed you. How do you think we knew where the Russians took you?" "Were you the ones that killed Remington?" Clementine asked. "No," Alpert replied, "we are a peaceful organization. We promote only health and prosperity. That is why its very important for you, Ms. Phillips, to give us the document. All the other groups in pursuit want to use the map to harness the energies for destructive purposes. We want to utilize the energies for healing and life extension. I know from personal experience about what those energies can do. Both positively and negatively. I want to use it for positive purposes. I have lived a very, very long time. Longer than you can imagine. But my time here is now limited. I hope the energy can revitalize me because, as you get older, you realize life is all there is and how precious it can be." "If I had this document," Clementine said, "and I'm not saying that I do, but if I gave it to you and you discovered how to "package" these healing energies to the general public, would you provide it for free?" Alpert smiled, "Why of course. But there would have to be some type of charge to cover expenses." Clementine laughed, "Yeah, I knew it! You're just as greedy as the rest of them! Find the secret to eternal life. Use it yourself, then charge every other poor bastard their life savings, to try just a sample!" Alpert shook his head, "This is ironic. The greedy thief, burglar, and con girl, who has spent her entire young life stealing from others is lecturing me on ethics?" "Touche' Zorro!" Clementine said, "but I've never claimed to be morally superior! It just bugs me about those who promote themselves as some compassionate hero for the people but are really no better than a common street thug!" "Nevertheless," Alpert continued, "do you have the document or not?" Clementine thought for a second, "Yes, I do. But not on me. If you can provide a ride, I'll take you to where I stashed it." Alpert watched Clementine's face for a tell. Some little clue that she was lying. He saw none. "Okay," he said, "I'll send a couple of our agents with you. You retrieve the document and bring it back immediately. Remember, there are many others, not as nice as we are, who want that document and would do anything to get it!" "Don't I know it, Giglamesh!" Clementine said. To be Continued: Next Chap. 10 "The Wimpy Ones"

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