As Platinum head rouge girl groggily got up and One Ear held a gun to Clementine Phillips's head, they spoke to each other in Russian. Then they grabbed Clementine's arms and quickly "escorted" her through the Remington mansion's large backyard, through a back gate, and into a waiting black sedan. "Where are we going, Boris and Natasha?" Clementine asked. "Shut up!" One Ear said, as he jabbed his gun into Clementine's ribs. They drove around town until they pulled up to an old office building. They took Clementine into the building and into a small office. They made her sit down on a couch, as they both made calls on their fiber phones. Yaking away in Russian, Clementine listened but understood nothing. She studied the layout of the office, looking for an escape route. Finally, the two put away their phones. "We work for a Russian businessman," One Ear said, "he is very interested in obtaining the document you stole. He has asked me to politely ask you where it is. I will ask you once. Politely. If you do not answer. Next time I ask. Not so polite!" Clementine shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know what you're talking about Vincent Van Gough. Why don't you and Goldfrapp here, take a chill pill. By the way, how did you loose your ear?" One Ear smiled crookedly,"It was shot off by some aspiring rock singer, a smart ass bitch like you! Now tell me. Where is the document!" Clementine smiled, "Wish I knew what you're talking about, Mr. Chekov, but I don't." Platinum head rouge girl turned her back on Clementine and was messing with her gun. She then turned back. "You like to play games, huh?" Platinum asked, "well, lets play a fun game. A game I think you know. Its called Russian Roulette." Clementine frowned. "Can't we play tic-tac-toe or Uno, or even five card stud, instead?" she asked. Platinum spun the chamber of her gun. "I have one bullet," she said, "I ask one question. You don't answer. I pull trigger. If nothing happens. I put in second bullet. Ask question again. No answer? Pull trigger again. Etc. Etc." Clementine said, "I don't think I like this game. You guys have any ancient Atari games we could play?" One Ear asked, "Where is the document?!" Suddenly, the office door flew open and two men, with tranquilizer dart guns, shot Platinum and One Ear. They both immediately fell to the floor. Clementine laughed, "Its about time you got here! Now, who are you?!" But before she could hear the answer, one of the men jabbed her in the arm with a syringe. "Hey!" she yelled, "what the...." Then Clementine slept. To be Continued: Next Chap. 9 "Health and Prosperity"

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