Clementine Phillips quickly exited Thomas Remington's study. She silently walked back up the hall to the main room. She could still hear the party going on at full blast. As she approached the hallway entrance, she noticed her government escorts, Tall and Small, were nowhere to be found. She scanned the crowd while she tried to figure out her next move. She noticed two rough looking characters, who seemed particularly out of place even at a party like this. One was a bulky guy with only one ear, the other was a tall, platinum blonde female with too much eye-makeup and rouge on her face. What was interesting to Clementine was the fact that they both seemed interested in her. As they continued to stare at Clementine, she stepped slowly back into the hallway. The man and woman started to follow. Clementine took off her spiked heels and made a dash down the hall. She looked for another exit. As she glanced back, she saw the couple enter the hallway with guns drawn. Clementine found a stairway and tore ass up two stories, until she came to another hallway. She ran down it until she came to a large window, where she took one of her heels and smashed the glass and crawled out onto the ledge. She slowly walked along the edge, delicately balancing herself, until she got to a corner. Suddenly, a bullet whizzed by her head! She glanced back to see One Ear leaning out the window and pointing a gun in her direction. She quickly moved around the ledge's corner and noticed an exercise yard below her. Remington had apparently installed some exercise equipment and a trampoline. Clementine was interested in the trampoline. She heard another shot then held her breath and jumped. She hit the trampoline and bounced high. She came down again, then flipped over and landed on the soft grass. She thought since there were no Olympic judges around to score her performance, she would just quickly move on. As she turned around, however, she came face to face with the Platinum head rouge girl, who had a gun pointed in Clementine's face. "Come with me, now!" Platinum said, in a thick Russian accent. Clementine smiled, "Hey, take it easy, Lady GaGa. Lets talk this out over drinks. You like vodka?" As Platinum head rouge girl cocked her gun, Clementine quickly kicked her in the shins and, at the same time, knocked the gun out of her hand. She then karate kicked Platinum across her face. Platinum fell to the ground. But as Clementine turned to make her escape, One Ear suddenly appeared in front of her and held a gun to Clementine's forehead. "Do not move, Bitch!" he commanded. Clementine smiled, "Whatever you say, Smirnoff!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 8 "Russian Roulette"

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