"Who are you really?" the man asked. "I'm Clementine Phillips. I'm a free lance thief but I usually work for myself." "Okay, free lance," the man smiled, "I'm Thomas Remington. I was once, years ago, a struggling young artist in Australia. Then I happened to sell some of my paintings to a very rich man by the name of Charles Widmore. Then my life radically changed. Widmore intoduced me to the upper class. I sold more paintings. I became rich. Widmore took me to auctions. Taught me how and when to bid. What to bid on. He was obsessed with all things pertaining to a slave ship called The Black Rock. After he mysteriously disappeared years ago and was declared legally dead, I inherited some of his Black Rock items. I found a strange document in the Captain's logbook pouch one day. It was a newer document. Sort of a map. I checked around and it turned out to be a map listing the possible locations of some type of strange energy found around the world. This strange energy is of much interest to various groups. Some want to study its properties for health possibilities. Some want to study it for its use as a potential weapon. Some just want to re-sell it to anyone for the right price." "That sounds like you," Clementine said, "I've heard of this energy before. Not long ago I was "employed" by a real weirdo, who tried to harness this energy. Needless to say, it didn't turn out well for all involved." Thomas Remington turned and walked over to a large picture window and stared out into the darkness. "Yes," Remington said, "honestly, I just want to get rid of it. It's more trouble than it's worth. I'll tell you what. Why don't I...." Then Thomas Remington went silent. "Why don't you what?" Clementine asked. She walked over to Remington and noticed a small hole through his head. Blood began to pour out. He quickly fell to the floor. Clementine then noticed a bullet hole in the picture window. She quickly bent down to check on Remington, when another bullet silently penetrated the window and narrowly missed Clementine's head. She realized it was too late for Thomas Remington and if she didn't get out of there fast, it would soon be too late for her! To be Continued: Next Chap. 7 "On the Run"

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