Clementine Phillips wandered away from the mansion's main party room and into the side hall. Tall and Small, her two government escorts, stood on guard at the entrance to the hallway. She followed the floor map and entered Thomas Remington's private study. Her eyes adjusted to the low level lighting that gave the room an eerie glow. According to the floor plan, the safe was located behind a large painting of a sailing vessel caught up in a storm. The painting's title was 'Black Rock in Storm.' Clementine felt for any hinges on the painting, found them, then slowly swung the painting out to reveal the small safe. She whispered to the safe's lock, "Well, are you ready to dance?" Then she went to work. Spin to the left. Marco! Spin to the right. Polo! Triple click back. Disco! Done! Clementine slowly swung the safe's door open. Lots of temptations inside. Cash. Coins. Jewlery. It was enough to make a grown girl cry. But Clementine forced herself to concentrate on the task at hand. She rummaged through some documents until she found the one with the Lampost insigna. Alright! Got document. Lets go! She placed the document in a velcro pocket strapped high on her thigh, under her dress. Then she closed the safe door and swung the painting back into place and started to exit the study when she heard a voice. Someone was coming! Suddenly, the door to the study opened and in walked a thin, older man. He was in an intense conversation over a fiber phone. "I've sent you enough money last month, okay? Look, quit calling him 'our son'. I've never had any proof that he was mine. Besides, he's all grown up now and has his own career. So quit trying to use him as a bargaining tool. Look, I've got to go, Claire. Goodbye!" He then made another call. "Hey. What do you bid, Demetri? Yes, I've got the document here. If you are the winning bid, you can have the paper tonight. Well, I have alot of other interested parties, okay? Alright. Make your calls but get back to me quickly. The bidding window is about to close!" The man put the phone in his pocket and started to leave when he stopped and looked at a small screen on the desk. He then grinned and walked over, flipped a switch, and the study was flooded with light from an overhead chandelier. He then pulled out a gun and aimed it at the chandelier. "Come on down from there!" he commanded. Up in the chandelier, Clementine was hanging on by a thread. She slowly swung herself down and gently plopped onto the floor. "And who the hell are you?" the man angerly asked. Clementine smiled, "Uh, I'm your royal highness, Lady Antebellum, and I accidentally wandered into this room and was about to leave, when I noticed this beautiful chandelier and I just had to know the designer. So I just crawled up there to take a look. Sorry. I'll leave now. By the way, cool party!" The man held the gun steady. "No, you won't leave. Its a good thing I had an infrared monitor installed in the room. I could detect your body heat. Now sit down over there!" He motioned to a leather chair by the desk. Clementine sat down immediately. The man kept the gun on Clementine and swung the painting back, opened the safe, and looked inside. He smiled, then closed the safe. "Okay, Lady Antebellum, or whoever you are, where is the document?" he asked. Clementine smiled coyly. "What document? Look, thin man, I don't have time for this. I have to be in London by morning to have breakfast with King William and Princess Paris! So if you'll excuse me!" Clementine started to get up. "Stop!" the man yelled, "I will shoot you! No one would hear a thing with all the noise going on out there. So who are you working for? The Americans? The Russians? The Chinese?" "If I mentioned a certain country, would you cut me some slack?" Clementine innocently asked. "Not one bit!" the man answered. "I was afraid of that!" Clementine replied. To be Continued: Next Chap. 5 "The Document"

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