The limousine line is long outside the Thomas Remington mansion. All of the art community's beautiful elite are out and about and wandering around the mansion grounds. Clementine Phillips, dressed in a tight black micro-skirted one piece dress, her long legs covered in dark stockings and wearing spiked black high heels, was escorted by her two government interrogators, Tall and Small, into the massive main room. Inside, people are partying like its 1999. The strobe lights were intense and the techno-acid house rock rap blasted out of ten foot amplifiers that surrounded the room. The hyper-sound bounced off the mansion's ceilings, as the elevated dance floor was so crowded, the beautiful people dancing could only just stand still and sway with the beat. "Wow, this is some shin dig!" Clementine commented, as she looked around. Tall said, "Stay here. We're going to check out where Thomas Remington is. Don't get any ideas about drifting off into the crowd. We have other agents here and some are assigned to watch you!" "Okay, Maxwell Smart. I'll be good," Clementine replied, as Tall and Small disappeared into the crowd. No sooner had they left, when an older, heavy man, in a grey pinstripe suit and greased back black dyed hair, approached Clementine. She could immediately tell two things. He was drunk and he was obnoxious. "Hey!" he slurred, "Has anyone ever told you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world?" Clementine smiled, "Why no, Foghorn Leghorn, you're the first person in my entire life who has ever told me that! Although, dogs wiggle their tails and cats purr loudly, whenever I pass them by!" The man took Clementine's hand and kissed it. "Your hand is so soft and smells so sweet," he said, "I'm never gonna wash my own hand again!" "Well, thank you," Clementine said, "I assure you though, I'm gonna wash my hands as soon as possible!" Just then, Tall and Small returned. They immediately surrounded the man. "Ambassador Maxwell! So good to see you, sir!" Small said, "I think some interns over there wish to meet you!" The Ambassador glanced over to see some young girls, who were standing by the bar. "Okay," the Ambassador said, as he turned back to Clementine, "I'll be right back. Don't go away, you little filly!" Clementine grinned. "I'll just wait here with jail-baited breath!" she said, as the Ambassador wandered off. Tall said, "Remington is here. He is in the other room. The safe he is keeping the document in is in his private study. Here is a floor plan. We'll stand guard, as you wander back through the halls to his study. Here is the type of lock thats on the safe. Finally, here is a description of the cover of the document we want you to grab." Clementine looked over the plans. The study was just past the fourth door down the side hall. The lock was a Widmore Industries 108. A complicated design but one Clementine had dealt with before. The document was a mystery. The symbol that identified it was of an octagonal shape, with the image of a lampost inside. Clementine felt this caper was pretty straightfoward but there was one thing she had always known. Once you begin to think something's easy, it can get pretty complicated, pretty fast! To be Continued: Next Chap. 4 "The Heist"

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