Clementine Phillips was held in an interrogation room somewhere on the Fort Knox Army base. She looked around. There was only one vent. It was small. So she made herself at home, relaxing on the only chair in the dark, grey room. Suddenly, the door bolted open and in walked two government types in white shirts, black suits, and skinny black ties, each carrying black portfolios. "Ohhh! The Men in Black are here!!" Clementine cooed, "tell me, what really happened at Roswell?" The tall man smiled, "I don't know. The aliens never talked when we tortured them. Maybe you will be more cooperative when we "interrogate" you!" Clementine smiled back, "What do you want to know?" The second smaller man said, "Where did you get the forged military identification papers?" "Off the polynet," Clementine stated, "at a site called 'Forgeries R Us'. They would probably give you a bulk rate discount if you ask nicely!" Both men did not smile. "Listen, you're in alot of trouble here, Ms. Phillips," the tall one said. "You must have mistaken me for someone else," Clementine said innocently, her dark blue eyes sparkling, "my name is Regina Gault." The small man smiled, as he took out some papers from his portfolio. "No, you're not! You are Clementine Phillips. For such a young girl, you have a long record of burglary, thievery, and con games. Recently, you were pardoned from a twenty year sentence for burglary, to do some favors for some mysterious character. Now, what do you have to say?" Clementine laughed, "I'd say you've got some active imagination, Napoleon Solo. So why don't you and your buddy, Illya here, get to the point!" "Well," the tall one said, "we are willing to forget about this whole Fort Knox 'incident' if you do us some favors." "What kind of favors?' Clementine asked. The tall man continued, "There is an artist/millionaire by the name of Thomas Remington, who deals not only in the art world, but in the world of the underground black market as well. He has recently acquired a document we would like to have. He is having a party/secret auction at his mansion in a few days. We know he has the document contained in a secret safe. We want you to attend that party, find the safe, and 'confiscate' that document. If you do that, we will forget this latest 'caper' and you will be free to go." "Why me?" Clementine asked, "don't you little spy guys have your own experts at breaking and entry?" "We do," the tall man said, "but if, on the outside chance you do get caught, well you are just a convicted burglar working on your own. The government has never heard of you. You give us plausible deniability." Clementine laughed to herself, "So the secretary disavows any knowledge of my actions. Gee, how Mission: Impossible can you get? What if I don't agree to go to your little party?" Both men looked at each other and laughed. The small man said, "Then you will be looking at fifty years hard time in a Federal prison!" Clementine smiled, then asked, "Do I get to pick my party dress?" To be Continued: Next Chap. 3 "Partying with Clementine"

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