Prologue: It is twenty years after the Lost adventure ends. Outside, the hot humid air had the smell of moist Kentucky bluegrass. A military jeep, assigned to the 34th Military Police Detachement, pulled up to the first checkpoint outside the fortress-like structure. An officer of the United States Mint Police inspected the military I.D. of the driver. He hesitated, then waved the driver on. The officer then called ahead to the other checkpoints to let the jeep pass. Arriving at the main office, the driver, a Captain dressed in full military fatigues and helmet from the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat team, entered the building. Inside the structure, the surrounding granite walls kept all the rooms cool and dry. The driver, carrying a black briefcase, approached the main desk where a Sergeant was stationed. "Do you have the ten member list?" the Captain asked. The Sergeant saluted. "Yes. Its right here. But I have to say Captain, uh, Captain?" "Its Gault," the Captain replied. The Sergeant nodded. "Well, Captain Gault, its always been against orders to release this list with the names and numbers combined." "Orders can change, Sergeant," the Captain replied, "besides, if you have a problem, you can call the Pentagon and ask for General Andrew Motors. This is a high priority security test and, by the way, be sure to tell the General your name so he can know who is delaying his commands!" "Uh, no Captain, that won't be necessary," the Sergeant said, handing over the list. "Now is there a private office I can go to, to call the General and report how cooperative you have been?" the Captain asked. "YYYes, Captain," the Sergeant stammered, "right through there, to your right." He pressed a button, which opened a large steel security cage, in which the Captain proceeded through. The Captain entered the room, closed the door, and breathed a sigh of relief. The Captain then took off her helmet and let down her long, blonde hair. Clementine Phillips was halfway there. She had entered Fort Knox and now had all ten combinations to open the vaults that contained over 4,600 tons of gold bullion worth over 173 billion dollars. However, Clementine was looking for vault #23. It contained a few specimens of the Sacagawea dollar coins and some American Gold Eagle coins worth over $7 million. She opened her briefcase and took out a floor plan and looked it over. She took off her uniform, revealing a black leather bodysuit underneath. She walked over to an air conditioning vent and pried it open. Down the vent she crawled. On to vault #23. This deep inside the containment rooms, there were no laser light alarms to trip you up. Security cameras were turned away from the vents to the main entrances. So Clementine easily dropped down and opened the vault with the ten complete combinations. As she swung the vault door open and started to fill up her case with the gold coins, an alarm suddenly went off. She immediately turned around, as the 22 ton blast proof door opened. Eight soldiers, with guns drawn, entered, along with the Sergeant from the front desk. "That's her!" he exclaimed, "I thought something was funny about all of this. I checked. There ain't no General Andrew Motors!" Clementine raised her hands in surrender. "Oh, you just figured that out, Gomer Pyle?" she said. As the soldiers escorted her away, she hoped they would confine her in a room with another air conditioning vent. To be Continued: Next Chap. 2 "The Deal"

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