Frank Lapidus put his copter into a steep dive. Tall and Small's copter doubled back and chased Frank and Clementine down low to the desert floor. Small opened up with the auto rifle, shattering Frank's copter's rear plexiglass window. Frank spun his copter back around and headed straight for Tall and Small. "This is where it gets interesting!" Frank yelled. Clementine just held on tight. As both copters rapidly approached each other on a collision course, Frank suddenly pulled up fast, forcing the other copter to dive further down to avoid the downwash. That manuever bought Frank and Clementine some time, as Tall and Small, now flying just inches above the desert floor, had to pull up and spin around. Frank pushed the throttle at full power. But Tall and Small were rapidly gaining on them. Small opened fire again hitting Frank's copter's fuelselage. They were now right on their tail. "Listen," Frank yelled, "I'm going to open the valve on our emergency fuel tank. That will create a trail of fuel. There is a flare gun in the back. Clementine, get back there and grab that gun and when I cut off the fuel flow, I'll give the signal and you fire the flare into the receding fuel stream, but not a second before, got it?" "Got it!" Clementine replied, as she crawled in the back, found the flare gun, and opened up the back hatch. Frank flipped the switch. "Valve's open!" he yelled back. Clementine could see the fuel flowing back out of their tanks and onto the Plexiglass bubble of Tall and Small's copter, just a few yards behind. The fuel was blinding them but Small was leaning out and aiming the auto rifle right at Clementine. Suddenly, Frank yelled, "Valve's off! Fire the flare!" Clementine could then see the receding flow of fuel as she took aim and fired. The flare hit the end of the fuel flow and ignited causing a flame that went straight to, then engulfed, Tall and Small's copter. It burst into flames and spun rapidly out of control and crashed down into the desert floor. Frank looked back at Clementine and gave a thumbs up. Clementine just smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Fifteen minutes later, they landed at Frank's ranch in the desert. "Wow, you're pretty isolated out here," Clementine said, "you must like the desert." Frank smiled, "Lets just say I've had enough of beaches and oceans to last a lifetime." Later, over a couple of beers, Clementine tells Frank about the map. "Yeah, don't get me started on all this strange energy jazz," Frank said, "I could tell you stuff you'd never believe! So you gave the map to the Fed boys, huh? Its all burned to a crisp now!" Clementine smiled, "If it did, great but they may have dropped it off to someone after they left me. Either way there was another document in Remington's safe. Another map. It looked similiar to the document I was supposed to steal and at first I grabbed it, then I saw my intended target. But I held on to the other map and placed it in the pouch as well. That was the one I gave to the Feds." "What was that map to?" Frank asked. "This was an older map," Clementine explained, "that listed all the probable sites where old ships could have sunk." Frank laughed, "So if the Feds do have the map and start to look for a new source to develop weapons they may instead find some old sunken Spainish Galleons. That is rich! I love it!" Clementine pulled out the real map. "What are you going to do with it?" Frank asked. "I'm going to destroy it!" she replied. "Tell you what," Frank said, "I've got an old paper shredder in the shed. Lets shred it now and we'll take the chopper and fly over Sunset Lake, which is only a five minute flight away, and drop it in the water." "Sounds like a plan to me!" Clementine smiled. After they returned, Frank asked Clementine what her plans were. She became pensive. "Oh, I don't know. I'm thinking of heading to Northern California. I heard that my dad now lives up there somewhere. Maybe I'll look him up. I hardly knew him. "Well," Frank said, "I have an old Jeep sitting over there. I've kept it running for years but don't drive it that much. You can have it if you want." Clementine was surprised. "No, Frank," she said, "I can't do that!" Frank replied, "If you don't want me to give it to you, then I'll sell it to you for a dollar." Clementine thought about that for a second. "Its a deal!" she replied and reached into the pouch and pulled out one American Eagle gold coin worth alot more than one dollar. "How about you accept this," Clementine asked, as she handed Frank the coin. "Where in the world did you find this?" he asked. "Oh," Clementine replied, "Just a souvenir I picked up in my travels!" "Nice souvenir," Frank replied, "Its a deal! The Jeep is yours!" Clementine laughed. She would soon head up north. As she watched the sun set below the desert horizon, she wondered what adventures were still ahead of her. Whatever they were she knew one thing, it was gonna be alot of fun! The End.

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