The Remington party was finally dying down. The beautiful and the elite stumbled out of the mansion to their waiting limos, private jets, or chartered helicopters. They still didn't know that their host was dead. There were other more nefarious types who were still wondering what had happened to the secret auction and the secret document. However, Clementine Phillips had other problems. She was trying to get lost in the exiting crowd, as the Mittelos Bioscience's Wimp boys tried to track her down and drug her once again. As she exited out of the crowd, she ran toward a helipad. She figured she would hide behind the helicopter parked there, until she got the chance to make a dash into the surrounding forest. As she came around the front of the copter, she ran into an old guy. His long, gray hair was tied into a ponytail. His long, gray beard ended halfway down the front of his chest. "Whoa, there girly!" he said, "where you off to in such a hurry? You afraid you're gonna turn into a pumpkin at midnight?" "Uh, no, ZZ Top," Clementine replied, "just afraid I'm gonna end up an old ant infested piece of dry cake!" The old guy then noticed the two Wimpy Ones looking around and Clementine watching them. "I guess you don't want those two bean heads finding you, right?" he asked. Clementine nodded. "Hop in!" the old guy said, motioning to the copter, "lets go for a ride!" Clementine jumped in the copter and strapped herself into the right front seat, as the old guy hopped into the pilot's seat and started the copter's engine. "Aren't you waiting for someone?" Clementine asked. "Yeah," the old guy said, "but my charter is some Ambassador named Maxwell. Last time I saw him, he was pre-occupied with some young ladies, so I don't expect him to need any more of my air charter services tonight. By the way, I'm Frank Lapidus." "Clementine Phillips," Clementine replied, "I really appreciate this, Frank." Frank smiled, "No problem. Where to?" Clementine thought. She really had nowhere to go except to just get away. "Just fly, fly away," was all she could say. As the copter lifted off and headed east towards the desert, Frank Lapidus quickly noticed they weren't alone. "Oh, looks like we've got company!" Frank said, as Clementine looked out the side window and saw another helicopter quickly closing in. Suddenly, several rounds of ammo zipped by. As the other copter buzzed by, Clementine saw Tall and Small. Tall was at the controls and Small held an automatic rifle. They both nodded to Clementine in recognition. "Friends of yours?" Frank asked. "Not anymore, guess they got new orders!" Clemetine replied. "Hang on, kiddo!" Frank said, "Its time for a little whirlybird rock and roll!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 12 "Copters and Sunsets"

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