Clementine Phillips laughed to herself. The two agents Richard Alpert had sent to "escort" her, looked like a couple of wimps. Stick skinny, they looked more like computer geeks rather than security agents. She had them take her back to the Remington mansion. When they arrived, the party was still in full mode. 'My God,' Clementine thought, 'does anyone even know that the host is dead? I guess not. As long as the booze, drugs, and money flowed and the music played, all was right in their world.' She had them pull around back. "Wait here," she told them, "the document is in the mansion. I'll be right back." Wimpy One didn't like her plan. "We'll go with you," he said, as both he and Wimpy Two got out of the car. "No!" Clementine insisted, "stay here! I promise I will be right back!" Wimpy One started to say something when Clementine interupted. "Now don't make me go all Emma Peel all over you, okay?" she stated. The Wimpy Ones backed off and reluctantly got back into the car. Clementine headed around the mansion and back through the yard to the rear exit. She was almost at the exit gate when a familiar voice startled her. "Going somewhere, Ms. Phillips?" Clementine turned around. It was Tall. Beside him was Small. Her Government escorts. "Where the hell have you two been?" she asked, "I thought you were here to protect me. Since the last time I saw you two studs, I've been shot at three times, kidnapped twice, drugged once, and I broke a nail!" "Yes," Tall said, "do you have the document?" Clementine smiled, "Do you have a document that states I'm pardoned for the "incident" that occured at Fort Knox?" Small smiled, "Why of course, Ms. Phillips. We have it right here." "Show me!" Clementine commanded. Tall reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a paper and handed it to Clementine. She took it and read it. It looked all governmental and official. It pardoned her for any "misunderstandings and incidents that occured in or around the Fort Knox area." "We were going to give it to you as soon as we had the document," Small said. "Very well," Clementine said, as she reached into the velcro pouch, took out the paper, and handed it to Tall and Small. They looked it over. "Thank you, Ms. Phillips. You've done your country a great service. Could we give you a lift somewhere?" "No thanks, Mulder," Clementine replied, "you and Skinner can go off alone. I'll find another way home. But one question. Who killed Remington?" Small smiled, "Oh, we did! That was why we weren't there when you ran back into the hall. Thomas Remington was too easily bought out by the highest bidder. He had other documents we were also interested in. We couldn't let any of them fall into the wrong hands." Clementine was shocked, "But you tried to kill me as well!" Tall frowned, "Yes. Sorry about that. We couldn't leave any witnesses. We didn't expect you to so quickly move out of the kill zone. Oh well, we both ended up with what we wanted. No hard feelings, okay?" "But I'm still a witness," Clementine warily said, "What's to keep you from killing me right now or killing me later?" Small smiled, "Nothing at all. But our orders now are for us the retrieve the document and leave. But we can't promise you that someone else may try to kill you someday, sometime." Clementine frowned, "So I've got a pardon but I'll have to keep looking over my shoulder, huh?" Tall grinned, "A little paranoia is good for the soul. Goodbye, Ms. Phillips." Then Tall and Small walked away. Suddenly, Clementine spotted Wimpy One and Wimpy Two approaching with guns drawn. She quickly doubled back to the front of the mansion, in an attempt to throw off the Wimp boys. Clementine then heard the "WHOOSH" of tranquilizer darts fly past her head. 'I should of kicked their asses when I had the chance,' Clementine thought. To be Continued: Next Chap. 11 "Fly, Fly Away"

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