He noticed the black sailing vessel anchored off shore. Hidden within the jungle line, he watched as a long boat reached the beach. Several figures waded ashore. He couldn't clearly see where they went, so he silently stepped through the brush. Then he saw her! Walking along the sand, stopping occasionally to pick up and inspect seashells. Her blonde hair was illuminated by the sunlight, as the sea breeze gently rippled her long, beige dress. He hadn't seen many females in his life to compare her to but he instinctively knew she was beautiful! She walked a bit further, turned and suddenly walked toward him! He froze! She ventured closer, looking at some dried seaweed. She looked up! "Uh, hello?!" she said. He didn't, couldn't, utter a single word! "Aren't you friendly?" she asked, "or do you not understand me? Come out of hiding! I won't bite!" She looked to be about his age. He ventured slowly out, but not far from, the jungle. "Who are you?" he nervously asked. "I should ask you the same," she replied smiling, "we thought this island was uninhabited! Do you live here? Are you shipwrecked? You don't look like you belong here!" He smiled, "No, I don't belong here!" he answered. She looked at him in amazement. "Are you alone? My God, if you've been alone for a time, how did you survive?" He thought hard before answering. This might be his only chance! "Yes, I was shipwrecked awhile back," he began, "my entire family died. I've managed to live off fish and fruit, but I am so hungry and scared! I was hiding because I didn't know who you were! If you posed a threat!" She laughed, "No, we're not a threat! Far from it! I'm sailing with my Father. We're on a mission of discovery! We stopped here to gather some fruit but we didn't plan on staying long. My Father said this island offers nothing of interest. Come with us! We'll rescue you! I'll tell my Father! He'll be very interested in your adventures! My name's Camellia! What's yours?" Suddenly, there was shouting! "Lady Camellia!!" one of the figures by the long boat was shouting. "Get away from him! Get back over here, now!" "Its alright!" Camellia shouted back, "he was shipwrecked! He needs our help!" Two men came running towards them carrying long bows! Camellia tried to explain but was grabbed and dragged back to the long boat! "NO!!" she cried out, "he just needs our help!" "You need to get away from him!" the man pulling her away shouted, "there is a sickness on some of these islands! Anyone we find is suspect! We cannot jeopardize the mission! That's your Father's orders! Now lets go!" He still stood and watched until the other man lifted his bow and quickly shot an arrow, narrowly missing his head! He dived back into the jungle! He watched the man with the bow and, further down the beach, Camellia being dragged away and put into the long boat! He figured the bow man might try to chase him but the man turned and ran back to the boat, which quickly headed toward the anchored ship. 'Sickness?' he wondered, 'what sickness?' He would've liked to have asked his Mother about 'this sickness' but he would never tell his Mother what had just happened and definitely would never tell Jacob! Next: Tale 4 "Jacob's Number"

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