Jacob knew what were to be their fates. They were not to have their picnic. They were not to finish their 'date'. They deserved both. So Jacob requested some 'adjustments'. The island complied. The whispers were set in motion. "No time!" the whispers softly began, "you don't need anything else. Just each other." Hurley smiled, "Hey! Its taken me this long to get up the courage to ask you here. Like, lets not waste another moment, okay?!" Libby smiled back. "Okay, Hugo. Not another moment!" So the picnic began. They talked. They laughed. They shared secrets. They shared love. Jin, fishing nearby, headed up the beach to leave them in peace. So Michael only killed Ana Lucia that day! Libby didn't die from gunshot wounds at Swan station. However, Jacob knew you couldn't change fate, you could only delay it. So, early the next morning, as Hurley slept nearby, Libby decided to go for a swim. She drowned after being caught in a riptide. Hurley still cried at her funeral. Still visited her grave to talk. Would always still miss her but he now had something he didn't have before. A memory of love, for just one moment, on that special island long ago.

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