He hadn't summoned her. She just appeared. Amongst the debris that had washed ashore. There had been a severe storm the night before. (He hadn't summoned that either!) He helped her out of the ocean and onto the beach. Between coughs and gasps for air she asked, "Where am I?" "On an island," he answered. "Where?" she gasped. "Its not important," he replied, "you're safe. How did you arrive here?" "Ship was caught in a storm," she said, "thats all I remember." "Can you remember your name?" he asked. "Peresephone," she answered. He nodded, "I have food and fresh water down the beach. You can rest and dry off!" He served her a dish of fish, after they arrived. "What's your name?" she asked, "I need to know who my savior is!" "Jacob," he replied. Peresephone looked around the camp and up in amazement at the statue. "Did your people build it?" she asked. "There are no 'people' here!" Jacob said, "I have been here a very long time. Most who arrive here, I 'invite'." "So you're here alone?" she asked. "No," he answered, "my brother also lives here! I don't see him often but he comes around from time to time. We have discussions. We play games!" Peresephone was intrigued, "What kind of games?" "Oh, ones I don't think would interest you," Jacob said. "You might be surprised what I would be interested in," Peresephone coyly replied. Jacob smiled. That night she slept well at the base of the statue. Jacob worked on his Tapestry. The next morning he brought her fruit. She was so beautiful. He had never known true love. Had never felt true affection. He helped her gather what they could from the shipwreck. They found a small trunk that belonged to her. That evening, before dinner, she put on a long white dress and let down her long dark hair. Their dinner, however, was soon interrupted. "Oh, I didn't know you had company, Jacob!" the dark haired man mischievously said. Jacob made the introductions. "This is my brother and this is Peresephone." The man nodded. "Pleasure to meet one of my brother's 'friends'. We don't have many true visitors. They all tend to disappear!" "Well, I hope that's not my fate!" Peresephone laughed. The man in black grinned, "Well, I'll leave you two. Good evening." Late into the night, as Peresephone slept under the stars and Jacob continued the Tapestry, he suddenly heard footsteps and a muffled cry! He ran outside to discover Peresephone dead! Her throat cut! Jacob cried out in anger! His brother appeared! "What have you done?!" Jacob screamed. "What had to be done," his brother replied, "who are you to be allowed to feel affection? To feel love? You won't let me leave this hell! You won't allow me to go home, to have a chance to experience these emotions! No, Jacob! You want to play these games but you change the rules! She was a necessary sacrifice to re-set the game! Now everything is back in balance!" The man turned and walked back into the jungle. Jacob buried Peresephone the next day. He said not a word over her grave. For he now knew love would never be a part of his life. Never be a part of this game! Next: Tale 2 "A Fate Delayed"

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