After reading about the new TV project being proposed by Terry O'quin and Michael Emerson I thought of some other ideas for the cast after Lost has ended.

Matthew Fox and Jeff Fahey as Bahama based detectives in the action adventure "Carribean Dreams."

Josh Holloway as the Captain of the Schooner "TIKI" in the remake of "Adventures in Paradise."

Evangeline Lily, Emile de Raiven, and Maggie Grace in the TV remake of "Charlie's Angels."

Henry Ian Cuisank in the remake of "Quantum Leap."

Jorge Garcia and Ken Lueng as goof offs who own a comic book store in the comedy "Comic Slackers."

Naveen Andrews as a international diplomat/assasin in "The Ambassador."

Kevin Durand and Andrew Divoff as soldiers of fortune in a series based on the classic movie "The Wild Geese."

Nestor Carbonell in a re-make of Stephen King's "Golden Years" where he can get younger each episode.

Jeremy Davis as the new host for the re-vamped pseudo-science series "In Search of."

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