I know some of the following characters are or have been beloved by many but here are some characters I just never liked (Not necessarily in this order):

Carmen Reyes: What a gold-digging bitch! Treats Hurley like crap.

Rose & Bernard: Yeah, I know they are popular but Rose has always had a cocky attitude and treats Bernard for the most most part, like an idiot and Bernard is an idiot and a wuss for taking it.

Kate: I know there has always been alot of "Kate hate" but I didn't start to hate her until this season. Part of which was when I'd listen to the audio commentary on the episodes she was featured in on the DVD's and got sick of the producers fawning over how good an actress shw was and I just didn't see it. Plus this season she is really phoning her performance in. She shows more emotion in her Loreal hair commercials than on Lost.

Claire: Okay at first she couldn't help out because she was pregnant. Then she couldn't contribute because she had to feed the baby. Then later she had Charlie or Hurley tkae care of the baby because she need to nap. Give me a break. She treated Charlie like crap. She was and is a spoiled brat in any timeline.

Juliet: There is a cult out there that worships Elizabeth Mitchell but she is a terrible actress. The same smirk on her face in every scene and no chemistry at all between Jack or Sawyer she was a waste of time. Libby: Another terrible actress. Over acting was laughable when she got shot. Was and is not as important to the story as some think. Only brought back to keep the Libbyites happy.

Miles: A punk from day one. Should of been standing closer to Ilana.

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