THE DHARMA PAPERS
                                Pilot Episode Synopsis:

It is twenty years after the Lost adventure ends. Charlie Hume is a charter boat captain. He enjoys saling the yacht he inherited from his father. While sailing off the coast of Oregon he encounters an adrift sub. He boards the sub and finds it abandoned. Although he gets the strange feeling he is not alone. He discovers a mysterious crate with strange markings on it but he is suddenly knocked out. When he awakens he finds the crate has vanished. He arranges to have the sub towed in for scalvage but he cannot find any registration for the sub and discovers a painted over symbol on the sub that reads DHARMA. Charlie remembers, as a child, something his father would say about Dharma but his mother wouldn't let him speak anymore about it. Charlie investigates and discovers that all of the Dharma officers were put in prison years ago for refusing to cooperate with a Congressional hearing. Later tht night someone breaks into the shipyard, takes a shot at Charlie and blows up the sub. He decides to further investigate the Dharma Iniative and starts by trying to conatact some of the remaining Dharma group in prison. Ji Yeon Kwon works for her grandfather's company Paik as a corporate negotiator. She has a highly developed sense of ESP and has been getting strange visions of people and places she doesn't know. Her visions tell her to travel to Germany. She decides she must go.When she arrives she senses she is being followed. An attempt to kidnap her fails. But she keeps following her visions for she knows there are answers she must discover. Clementine Ford has just been sentenced to twenty years for attempted burglary. But a few months into her sentence she is called into the warden's ofice and offered a full pardon and her freedom if she sighns a contract to work for a mysterious man who only goes by the name of Mr. X. She agrees and is driven to a warehouse where she is told to go to Germany and use her "talents to break into a safe and retrieve some documents. She agrees. What choice does she have? Aaron Littleton is a private detective in Los Angeles. He is contacted by an elderly woman, a Mrs. Shephard, who has been looking for the remains of her husband for decades. She has a lead she wants him to follow up on. The lead takes him to Europe where he discovers the cryogenically frozen body of Christian Shephard held at a bioscience center that performs mysterious experments. Soon all these characters will interact to get to the truth of the mysteries in the Lost sequel: The Dharma Papers.

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