Prologue: The island exists between science and faith. It serves as a prison for the millions of souls of the dead who have sinned in their lives. These evil souls have built up over the centuries and have physically manisfested themselves through interaction of the electro-magnetic fields into what we know as the smoke monster. It can take the physical form of the dead. But it is trapped and watched by a guardian angel, an actual human who can leave the island. After eons that angel must be replaced by another "worthy" candidate to keep the evil in check. Flashback: A ship wrecks on the island. Survivors include a Man, Woman, and their two young sons. The boys play games. The Mother becomes "infected" goes crazy and kills the father and tries to kill the boys. The boys escape into the jungle where they find the Temple.One boy hides under the temple the other inside. The boy under the temple encounters and is killed by the smoke monster. The other boy falls into the springs of the temple and drowns only to be revived by the waters. The boy discovers his brother's body and quickly buries it. The smoke monster takes the form of the dead boy and kills the mother. The boy in black (BIB)is angry with his brother for he took "his body" The boy from the temple is now "touched" by good due to the waters and is the new guardian. The good boy with the help of ancient others takes the bodies of his parents and places them in the cave along with the early version of backgammon that they would play with their parents. The boys grow up. Still play games. Make new rules. Thus Jacob and the MIB fall into an uneasy alliance. The MIB looks for his loophole and the time for the "changing of the guard" is his opportunity. The End: With Jacob dead the MIB has a limited time to escape. In return for helping him fight Widmore's army the MIB has granted the candidates their wish. Thus creating the FST. But they don't get exactly what they want or what they need. The MIB must now get to the FST but to get there the OT must be destroyed. Only one timeline can exist. Desmond is the intermediary in the timelines. He must prove to the candidates to save the FST that love is the glue to keep it intact. The MIB has come to the FST as Locke so Desmond has to kill him. Meanwhile in the OT, the MIB will use the candidates to infiltrate Hydra island, shut off the fence and get the Aijira plane ready. MIB with the reamining candidates and Frank at the controls take off. Widmore, with the help of Jin and Zoe find another pocket of electromagnetism. Widmore, Sawyer, and Kate try to escape in the sub, Desmond will make the ultimate sacrifice and set off one final electro-mag blast that will sink the island and collapse the OT sending MIB and Desmond to another island in another time.Desmond the new Jacob.Everyone in the FST survives. Love was the answer.

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