Jin-Soo Kwon could only walk. He kept walking. He didn't know what else to do. There was now nothing. He walked on bright white. Bright white below him. Bright white above him. Bright white in front of him. Behind him. All around him. Nothingness. Sun Hwa had vanished. He didn't understand. She was gone and so was everything he ever cared for. She was such a part of him. Their souls were so joined that, with her gone, there was no spirit to create their heaven anymore. Now Jin could only create a hell. 'This is for my decisions in the physical world,' he had decided. 'The gods have toyed with me. They had given me Sun to show me what I could of had for eternity. But the gods know who I really am. What I really did. They have caught up to me and I must now pay for my actions.' Jin kept walking. He became angry. 'I will not accept this fate!' he thought. 'I have already payed for my sins! I have already been to hell! Did I not learn anything from my time there? My time on that forsaken island?' Jin thought hard. He didn't know what had happened to Sun or why but he knew he had to get her back. He had to create a place for them once again. It was the only chance he had to get Sun back! Next Chap. 10 "The Child"

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