It was not the reunion Soo-Jung Paik had hoped for. Sun Hwa cried uncontrollably. "WHY??!! WHY??!!" she kept screaming between sobs. "Its a miracle!" Sun's Mother said, between her own tears of joy, "it was meant to be, Sun Hwa! Don't you see? Don't you understand? The Fates have stepped in!" Paik stepped forward. "I know you are confused right now, daughter," he said, "you are angry. You have the right to be. I have made mistakes with you. It is hard for me to confess this. I only wanted to try to make things right. To give you and your Mother and I another chance. Another chance to correct the past. I only wanted what was best for you. Always! You may not realize this, but it is true!" Sun held her head up and looked around the room. "Where is Jin?" she hoarsely asked. Paik and his wife looked at each other. "I don't see Jin," Sun said, "you brought me back but not Jin? You wanted what was best for me? You wanted to make me happy?" "Of course," Paik replied. Sun slowly sat up, then screamed at her Father. "THEN BRING BACK MY HUSBAND!!! BRING BACK JIN!!!" Next Chap. 9 "The Nothingness"

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