A bright light fading. A dark tunnel receding. Ghostly images flying past. Clouds and dust swirling. Suddenly, no sound. No sight. Nothingness. Then a flash! Awareness! Feelings! Sounds! Too loud! Overwhelming! The eyes cannot open! The mouth cannot speak! The ears cannot hear! Memories returning! Thoughts becoming crystal clear! OPEN YOUR EYES!! The mind commands. 'I cannot.' The spirit replies. OPEN YOUR EARS!!! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!! SEE!! LISTEN!! SPEAK!!!! The spirit struggles, then surrenders! Sun Hwa Kwon suddenly screamed! She felt cold. So very cold! Her eyes dilated under the bright light. Her eyes slowly focused. Blurry images began to become clear. She looked up. She saw figures dressed in what looked like containment suits. She saw faces behind glass plates. Familiar faces. Smiling. Crying. Her Father. Her Mother. Then a voice spoke to her. Not familiar. "Ms. Kwon. Try to relax. I know this must be very traumatic for you but please listen. You are safe. Your Father and Mother are here with you. Everything is going to be alright. My name is Dr. Zander. All will be explained to you soon." Sun heard her Mother speak. "Oh, Sun Hwa, you are back with us!! My beautiful daughter is back!!!" Her Mother cried. Her Father teared up. He did not speak. Sun Hwa did try to speak. Her first words after her first re-birth. "WHY??!!" she screamed, as tears flowed down dry ducts. "Why, what?" her Father asked. "I was with Jin!!" Sun cried, "We were finally happy! Why did you take me away from him??!! WHY DID YOU BRING ME BACK??!!" Next Chap.8 "The Reunion"

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