The Vik Institute is located 42 miles outside Vik, Iceland. Set up in a special chamber, within the Institute's main research building, was a bright, white hermetically sealed surgical room. Diluted liquid oxygen generators kept the temperatures, within the room, at near quantum levels. In the center, upon a stainless steel operating table, covered in a white sheet, was the body of Sun Hwa Kwon. Hovering over her, like two coiled snakes ready to strike, were copper electro-magnetic coils generating, at 108 pulses per second, a beam of highly charged particles directly at her body. Outside the room, Dr. Armand Zander, Director of the Institute, stood with Dr. Hackett, specialist on regenerative pharmaceuticals. Next to Hackett was Dr. Kini, a physicist from the King Laboratories in Portland, Oregon. "Has Mr. Paik been informed of her arrival?" Hackett asked Zander. "Yes," Zander replied, "he is on his way. Have you examined Ms. Kwon?" Hackett nodded. "Yes. Luckily, she has been well preserved, due to the freezing temperatures at the depth where she was recovered. Very little physical decay. She was found enclosed in the aft of the sub. This limited any sea life from access to the remains. She is a good specimen. I have already started an intravenous line. The regenerative drugs will delay any more degeneration of body tissues. The use of the diluted LOX generators will effectively freeze her molecular structure." Dr. Kini added, "The electro magnetic pulses will give the body the ability to reverse the decaying process and regenerate all the cellular tissue for all the physical organs including the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, the cerebellum, the cerebella cortex, and the cerebrum." "How long will the full regeneration take?" Zander asked. "Approximatively 23 hours or so," Kini replied, "that would be my best guess. At least we should have consciousness re-established by that time." "Good,' Zander replied, "Mr.and Mrs. Paik should be here by then. I want them to be the first people Ms. Kwon sees when she comes back from the dead!" Next Chap. 6 "The Picnic"

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