Gardening was an opportunity for Mrs. Paik to relieve the stress. The stress of being an industrialist's wife. The stress of constantly being gracious at the dozens of business functions she was forced to host. Not for her, but for her husband and for his business partners and their wives or mistresses. The stress of always appearing to be the submissive wife. To always obey your husband. It was the custom. It was a lie. She heard footsteps approaching. She looked up and saw her husband standing off to the side. This surprised her, as he never came to the garden. He had always said he was too busy to participate in such pointless hobbies as gardening. "Yes?" she coldly asked. "I have good news," Woo-Jung Paik replied. "What good news might that be?" she warily asked. "I want you to accompany me on a business trip," Paik enthusiastically said. "A business trip?" Mrs. Paik replied, "since when have you ever asked me to accompany you on a business trip? Where to?" "Iceland!" Paik replied. "Iceland!!?? Mrs. Paik laughed, "why would I want to go with you to Iceland?" "Because I have a gift for you," Paik said. "What is the occasion?" she asked. "Mother's Day," he replied. Mrs. Paik got up from the garden and stood in front of her husband. "HOW DARE YOU!!" she screamed, "YOU MOCK ME??!! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE SUCH DISRESPECT??!! I AM NO LONGER A MOTHER!! I HAVE NO DAUGHTER! MY DAUGHTER IS DEAD!! YOU SAW TO THAT, DIDN'T YOU??!! YOU DROVE HER AWAY FROM US! TWICE!! WE GOT HER BACK...ONCE! NOT AGAIN!! EVER!!" She turned away from him and held her head down. "Go away, please. You insult me and our grand-daughter with your nonsense." Paik gently reached out and touched her shoulders but she quickly pulled away from him. "Please, just leave me alone," she whispered. "But I will give you a Mother's Day gift and you will be joyous to receive it!" Paik said. She slowly turned around and faced him. "What can you give me that I would ever be joyous again?" "I will give you your daughter back!" Paik said. Mrs. Paik stood in silence for a moment. Then she started to cry. Next Chap. 5 "The Institute"

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