The lights from the recovery divers casted eerie shadows within the hull of the sunken sub. There was the spirit of death still here. Tragic death. The refraction of the lights, through the dark water, created ghostly images that followed the divers, haunting them at every turn. "Recovery team!" the "Lazarus's" Captain radioed, "We're receiving the tracer signals. Target is approximately 16 feet aft of your position. Over!" "Affirmative!" the lead diver replied, "Moving to the aft! Lot of damage here! Bone fragments. Lots of bone fragments. Some globs of flesh. A decapitated head! Tracer signal is getting stronger! Target should be just through the control room! We have a body located! Stand by!....Negative! Not our target! Hold on!....Affirmitive!...We have target! Uh...Lazarus! Target is trapped by a beam and some type of control board. We can use a cable to pull the objects away. Will take us approximately 23 minutes to recover target. Send down the preservation container! Over!" "Affirmitive!" the Captain replied, "What is the condition of the target? Over!" "Condition is good, Lazarus! Looks like a sleeping angel!" 23 minutes later, a steel wench hoisted the white polymer preservation container from the ocean surface and onto the deck of the recovery vessel "Lazarus." A large shipping crate was nearby. The polymer container had its own air conditioning unit attached to keep the interior near freezing. The Captain walked over and wiped away the frost that had formed on the specially designed window at the top of the container. The Captain peered in, then looked at a picture he carried. He glanced at some crew members standing by and nodded. The crew immediately proceeded to use a fork lift to gently place the container into the shipping crate that was then immediately sealed. The crate was quickly transferred to the ship's heli-deck and loaded into a waiting copter. The copter powered up and lifted off, heading west. Its final destination unknown to the ship's crew. The First Mate slowly came up to the Captain, as he watched the departing copter fade into the distance. "Did we get the correct subject?" he asked. The Captain, once again, looked at the picture he held in his hands. "Yes. Yes, we did!" he replied. The picture he held was of a very pretty Korean woman. The name below the picture read: Sun Hwa Kwon. Next Chap. 4 "The Mother"

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