The man picked up the paper off his desk and read it once more. MEMO: Classified. From: Vik Institute, Vik, Iceland. Subject: Resurrection Project. Sir, I am confident, based upon our own research and years of prior experimentation, as well as information gathered from the now defunct DHARMA INIATIVE files, we will accomplish our mutual goal. Although your request, i.e. command, to perform this experiment has never been carried out on a subject this complex, based upon our experimentation with animal subjects (rabbits), we have had a tremendous success rate. We have provided all the essential transfer equipment that is on board the recovery vessel "Lazarus" and all our scientists and technicians are eagerly awaiting the arrival, at the Vik Institute, of the "test subject." Let me thank you for your generous donation of funds to our Institute. We will not let you down. Sincerely, Dr. Armand Zander, Director: Vik Institute. P.S. My apologies for using the term "test subject". That is a result of my medical training. I know this is very personal for you. Thank you again for this opportunity. The memo was then gently placed back on the desk. The man walked over to the large office window and looked out over downtown Seoul. Woo-Jung Paik stood quietly in thought. He knew he had only one chance to correct the past and make everything right. Next Chap. 3 "The Daughter"

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