Dr. Armand Zander sadly watched the white polymer coffin through the observation window. In response to Woo-Jung Paik's orders, Sun Hwa Kwon's body had immediately been cryogenically frozen and stored in the same lab she had called home, for the last few days of her short, second life. Paik, his wife, and Sun Hwa's daughter, Ji-Yeon, had already left Iceland for Korea. Paik had demanded complete silence, on the project, from the entire staff at the Vik Institute. Dr. Zander had complied. After all, Paik had promised more funding for the Institute and a substantial "retainer fee" for the continuous upkeep of Ms. Kwon's remains. Paik had left no further instructions as to what he planned to do for his daughter in the future and Dr. Zander didn't push the issue. One of Paik's orders, however, had been intercepted and changed by Dr. Zander, unbeknownst to Paik. Dr. Hackett now came into the observation room and stood beside Zander. "Has the sub been destroyed?" Zander asked. "Yes," Hackett replied. "What about Mr. Kwon's remains?" Zander inquired. "As far as Paik knows," Hackett replied, "Mr. Kwon's remains were destroyed along with the sub." "Very good," Zander said, "how long before Kwon's body arrives?" "About 12 hours," Hackett answered. "Do you have the second cryogenic coffin ready?" Zander asked. "Yes," Hackett said, "it is on its way here now. So you're going to place them side by side in the lab, huh?" Zander replied, "Yes. I guess if the fates have decided they are to be side by side spiritually up there, then they should at least be side by side down here. Even in death." Hackett smiled, "Dr. Zander, why all this talk about fate and spirituallity all of a sudden? I thought you were always a man of science." Zander smiled back, "I am, but I guess its alright to be a man of faith once in awhile. I hear its good for the soul!" The End.

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