The Remote Operated Submersible glided slowly over the open ocean trench and dropped another 200 feet. Its searchlight scanned through the inky darkness. Suddenly, the beam caught a reflection. A quick, sharp flash of an object nestled on an incline. Up on the surface, the command ship "Lazarus" was anchored steadfast against the South Pacific currents. "We have a target!" the ROS operator reported, as he stared intensely at the monitor before him. "Do we proceed?" he asked the Captain. The Captain quickly put on headphones and picked up the microphone for the ship to shore transmitter. The Captain spoke into the mike. "Sir, we have a contact! Do you wish us to proceed?" A pause, as the Captain listened to the reply. He then turned to his crew and ordered, "Yes. Prepare the divers for the recovery! Remember, we are to recover only one. You have the identity and description. Proceed!" Then the Captain spoke once more into the ship's transmitter. "Yes, sir! The copter is on standby for immediate departure, as soon as the recovery is made. No, sir! We will not fail!" The Captain shut off the transmitter and joined the rest of the control deck crew to study the images from the ROS, hundreds of feet below. Through the darkness, the ROS manuvered around, until its intense beam fully illuminated the object. Now, in crystal clear imagery, was the wreckage of a submarine. The late Charles Widmore's submarine! Next Chap. 2 "The Father"

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