Falling forward! Ascending! A bright light! Into the nothingness! Sun Hwa Kwon was somewhere! Sun Hwa Kwon was nowhere! 'Where am I?' she thought, 'Where was Jin? Did I loose him? Did he loose me? Once again? No! Not again!' Sun suddenly found herself walking. That was all she could now do. Walk. There was only bright white all around her! She sensed that she should just keep walking. Keep walking. She also sensed he was nearby. 'Oh, please let him be nearby!' Suddenly, a shape up ahead. A building. A steeple. A Church. 'Yes! The Church! Our Church!' she thought. Sun Hwa ran! Up to the Church! Up to the doors! Pushing the doors open! Into the white light! Into the Church! Into the arms of Jin-Soo Kwon! They hugged each other tightly! They kissed! The tears flowed. They said nothing. They didn't need to. They were together once again. Sun would tell Jin what had happened. But not now. Now was all they had. Now was all they needed and they both knew they have been blessed with an eternity. An eternity of love. Next Chap. 20 "The Epilogue"

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