Sun Hwa Kwon quickly jumped into the passenger seat of the waiting SUV, as Dr. Zander got behind the wheel. They headed for the west gate. The guards soon stopped them. As Zander explained they were just going into town for some supplies, Sun Hwa noticed one of the guards, in the back of the shack, watching her intently, as he turned his back and whispered into a wrist microphone. Almost immediately they heard a radio command. "Delay the vehicle!" It was Woo-Jung Paik's voice! Zander didn't delay! He gunned the engine and rammed the gate! They headed at full speed down the main road, then one mile out, made a quick turn onto a side road that took them further out into the countryside. "There is a lake nearby," Dr. Zander said, "It is a peaceful place. It would be the perfect place to..." Then Zander cut off what he was about to say. Sun finished the sentence for him. "...the perfect place to die?" she said. Zander nodded. Suddenly, off to their right, they saw a black SUV tearing across the field! Zander tried to speed up but the other SUV was faster and was soon right behind them! Sun looked back and could see her Father, along with some of his security forces! Paik was screaming. "Stop them now!!" he ordered, "shoot out the tires!" Paik's driver replied, "Sir, that would be too dangerous at these speeds!" "Fine!" Paik said, "If you won't do it, then I will!!" He immediately grabbed a rifle from a guard and leaned out the vehicle and fired! Two shots went wide but one shot hit a tire and the other smashed out the back window of the fleeing SUV! The SUV spun out of control and came to a complete stop off to the side of the road! Paik's SUV immediately came to a halt! He quickly got out and had his guards surround the now damaged vehicle. Zander exited the driver's side door. "Paik! You fool!" Zander yelled, "come see what you've just done!" Paik quickly ran to the passenger side door. Sun was sitting there with a smile on her face. She turned her head slowly and looked up at Paik. "Thank you, Father," she weakly said, "You've granted me my wish! It will come sooner now!" Paik looked down to see that Sun was bleeding profusely from her chest. He had shot her! "Oh! Please! No!" Paik cried. He then shouted to his guards, "get a medical copter here immediately!!" Sun shook her head. "No, Father. It is too late. Please help me out of the car." Paik helped Sun out and she slowly walked over into the grass field and sat down. She could feel the gentle breeze. Sun knew that through it all, she had been blessed. She thought it was such a shame that only through dying, she could finally understand that. She began to feel weak. She laid down and looked up at the beautiful blue sky. She saw the contrail of a jet flying far above. She knew the time had come. She slowly closed her eyes and Sun Hwa Kwon died for the second time in her life. Next Chap. 19 "The Return"

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