Sun Hwa Kwon silently cried. If there was any chance at all to reunite with her husband Jin, she had to take it. She was willing to die once again to be with him. Suddenly, Dr. Zander came into the room wearing a containment suit. "Listen to me carefully, Ms. Kwon!" Zander urgently said, "We don't have much time! I am getting you out of here! As a medical scientist, what you have told us about the afterlife, I cannot confirm or deny your testimony. So your desire to die, to be with your husband once again, is beyond any testable hypothesis. However, as a doctor, I agree that you will not have much of a life of any quality if you stay here. Your Father has security surrounding this facility to keep you from leaving! In fact, he has security guards on their way to this lab as we speak! I have an SUV waiting for us outside. You put on these lab coveralls I brought in and I will tell the guards by the gates, you are a lab assistant and we are heading into town for supplies. If we're lucky, they will believe us. Now, I'm going to start to disconnect the IV lines. Are you sure you still want to do this?" Sun nodded. "Yes," she said, "I have to. Thank you, doctor." After Zander disconnected the IV tubes, Sun put on the coveralls and left the lab. Zander quickly discarded his containment suit. Sun could suddenly feel the much warmer air outside the lab on her skin and in her lungs. They moved quickly down the hall to an exit. Dr. Zander suddenly stopped. "Before we go," he said, "I've asked someone to see you before you leave!" A side door opened and out walked Sun's Mother and Ji-Yeon! Sun broke into tears, as she hugged her Mother then Ji-Yeon! Sun's Mother, between her own tears, said, "Sun Hwa, I don't want you to do this! But your Father, as usual, is being unreasonable! He just doesn't understand! But I do! You are right! This is no life for you. I will have to accept your decision and just be pleased that the fates have allowed me some more time with you! Another chance to tell you how much I love you and am going to miss you!" "I love you too, so much," Sun said. "Mama! Where are you going?" Ji-Yeon asked. Sun cried, "Oh, Ji-Yeon! I am going to a place to see your Father! Tell him how much you have grown! How beautiful you are! Someday, you will come to that special place as well. We will all be together, I promise you! Grandmother and Grandfather will take very good care of you. Remember, I'll love you always, Ji-Yeon!" They all cried. Then Sun quickly exited the door. Next Chap. 18 "The Escape"

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