Drs. Zander, Kini, and Hackett waited patiently in the main meeting room at the Vik Institute. Woo-Jung Paik came quickly in and immediately sat at the head of the large conference table. "Mr. Paik," Dr. Hackett said, "what is it you wanted to discuss with us?" Paik looked down in thought, then slowly raised his head. "My daughter, despite her wishes, is not to leave this facility. For any reason!" "Sir," Dr. Zander said, "with all due respect to you and your daughter, I, as a medical scientist, also would prefer to keep her here to continue our experiment and gather as much information as possible. But I also respect the patient's right to make her own decisions!" "My daughter has no rights!" Paik said, "officially and legally, she is dead! No one outside this Institute knows what we have done and I want it to stay that way! I have full control over my daughter's business affairs and I will decide when, and if, she will ever leave that lab!" "But, Mr. Paik," Dr. Zini said, "maybe Ms. Kwon would be more willing to stay within the confines of the lab, if we recover and resurrect her husband. The recovery vessel "Lazarus" is still in the vicinity of the sunken sub. We could fly out another preservation container and have Mr. Kwon here within 24 hours!" Paik shook his head. "Under no circumstances am I bringing back Jin-Soo Kwon! He was always a bad influence on my daughter. He tried to take her away from her family. He failed to complete assignments I had given him! No! I have ordered some underwater C-4 explosives to be delivered to your recovery vessel. When it arrives, divers will go down and attach the explosives to the wreckage of the sub. The sub and the body of Jin-Soo Kwon will be destroyed. Kwon will never, ever be resurrected! I have also ordered my security forces to surround this Institute. As I have made very clear, my daughter will not leave this facility under any circumstances! I have donated a substantial amount of funds to this Institute, so I expect all of you to follow my orders. Understand!" Zander, Kini, and Hackett nodded but the looks on their faces were in disbelief. Next Chap. 17 "The Goodbye"

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