"Could you take Ji-Yeon away for a few minutes?" Sun Hwa asked her Mother, on the other side of the observation window. "Yes. Of course," Mrs. Paik answered. "Mama!" Ji-Yeon cried. "Its okay, Ji-Yeon!" Sun said, "I will see you again in a few moments. Mama must talk to your Grandfather and these nice doctors, okay?" Ji-Yeon smiled. "'kay", she replied. Sun turned away to hide her tears, but quickly regained her composure. She turned around to face the Institute doctors and her Father. "So," she began, "my new "life" is to be spent in this high-tech refrigerator? Hooked up to tubes? Never able to hold my daughter? Never able to walk in the sunlight? Never able to walk in the moonlight? Never able to do anything?" "Sun Hwa," Woo-Jung Paik said, "there is much new research being done here everyday. The doctors here are the best. They believe that some new developments will gradually allow you to be weaned off the drugs and possibly be able to leave this room for short jaunts." "They "believe"?" Sun Hwa asked, "Short jaunts? How short? One day? One hour? One minute?" "As I've told you, Ms. Kwon," Dr. Zander said, "this is all experimental. We honestly can't answer your questions with any degree of certainty right now. I'm sorry." Sun held her head down. "Yes. I am sorry too!" she sadly said. "But you are back, daughter," Paik said, "you are living once again!" "Yes, Father," Sun warily replied, "I am back, but I am not living." Sun looked over to the doctors once again. "Answer me honestly," she said, "if you disconnected me from the IV's and I left this room. How long would I have?" "Well," Dr. Zander said, "that is hard to estimate." "How long, doctor!" Sun demanded. Dr. Hackett spoke up. "It is hard to determine but without the regenitive drugs flowing through your veins and with the increase in temperature, I would estimate no more than two hours. At best." Sun nodded. "Thank you, doctor, for your honesty." "What are you thinking, Sun Hwa?" Paik asked. Sun turned to face her Father once more. "I know, Father, you have had the best of intentions. I know that Mother is so happy to have me back. I know I am so thrilled to be able to see Ji-Yeon once again, and she to see me. But I cannot live this life. It is not fair to Ji-Yeon, to Mother, to you, and to me. This is not right. Fate has already dealt its hand. I am to be with Jin. I can never leave him. In life or in death. You may not understand this now but, believe me, someday you will!" Sun then turned and addressed the doctors. "I wish to leave this room. To go for a walk with my parents. With my daughter. For however much time I have left. I wish to die again. That is my decision!" Next Chap. 16 "The Meeting"

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