Sydney International Airport was busy as usual. Sun Hwa Kwon stood off to the side and watched her husband, Jin-Soo Kwon, stand in line at the Oceanic Airlines ticket counter. Sun looked at her watch. It was almost time. Jin looked over and smiled at her. Sun smiled back. Then as soon as Jin looked away, Sun made her move! Quickly out the terminal! To the waiting car! Sun had made her escape! From her family! From her husband! From her life! Suddenly, Sun screamed herself awake!!! It was a dream. She shivered but this time not from the cold. She realized if she had followed her original plan, everything would have been so different. Or would it? She sat alone in the semi-dark. Only the low lights illuminated the lab. Her parents and Ji-Yeon had gone back to the hotel for the night. She stared at the ceiling, lost in thought. It was so wonderful to see Ji-Yeon again. Sun had missed her so much. Sun loved her Mother and never doubted her Mother's love for her. As for her Father. Sun knew that powerful men always had to use up their emotions everyday to keep control of that power so at the end of the day, there was little emotion left for their families. Sun knew her Father had provided a lavish lifestyle for her and her Mother, as he would for Ji-Yeon. She did love her Father but it was, and always would be, difficult to accept his continuing quest for control of everything and everyone around him. Sun knew she had to make a decision soon. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she saw a shape outside the observation window. She looked and saw a young boy staring at her. She wondered if maybe she was still dreaming. Sun smiled. "Hi," she said. "My name is Sun. Who are you?" The boy smiled back. But said nothing. Suddenly, Dr. Kini appeared beside the boy. "What are you doing here? You need to go back to your area!" Dr. Kini said to the boy. Kini looked over at Sun. "I'm sorry, Ms. Kwon, if he disturbed you. He's not supposed to be in this section of the lab." "Who is he?" Sun asked. "His name is Will Blake," Kini replied, "He works with us here at the Institute. Will has some "special" abilities. He has a strong sense of ESP, remote viewing, and Astral projection. We have many projects going on at the Institute and Will is somewhat of a Savant. He is currently going over some mathematical formulas for us. Trying to decipher some numbers we keep coming up with. He is very shy". As Kini started to guide the boy away, Will suddenly turned back and spoke to Sun. "He's waiting for you!" Will eerily said. Sun shivered, but again not from the cold. "Who is waiting?" she asked. Will smiled and said, "Your husband, Jin!" Sun broke down in tears. She just realized her decision had already been made for her! Next Chap. 15 "The Decision"

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