Like an island in a bright white sea, the Church was suspended within the ether. Its very existence held together by the sheer spirit and concentrated consciousness of its sole occupant. Jin-Soo Kwon stood by the altar. He looked out amongst the pews. Emptiness looked back. He watched the large wooden doors at the back of the Church. Hoping. Praying. Expecting. Sun Hwa. Sun Hwa. Sun Hwa. But nothing. No one. Jin stepped slowly down from the altar and sat in the front row. He looked up at the stained glass windows. Looking for a sign. He found none. 'Its up to Sun Hwa to come back,' he heard his Father's voice say over and over. Then suddenly, Jin heard something else! A noise! He quickly turned around and saw a shape. The shape of a boy. Dark hair. Maybe ten years of age. The boy was standing back in the aisle of the Church. Looking directly at Jin. The boy smiled. Jin Smiled back. "Hello!" Jin said, "Who are you?" The boy continued to smile, then eerily said, "Her soul was called back, you know!" Jin was puzzled. "What?" he said, "Who are you talking about?" Now the boy seemed puzzled. "Your wife's soul! Sun Hwa!" Jin immediately stood in the aisle facing the boy. "You've seen Sun Hwa??!! Where is she??!!" Jin asked. "In the physical world," the boy matter of fact replied. "Is she coming back??!! Please tell me she is coming back to me!!" Jin cried. "A decision will soon be made!" the boy said, as he started to fade away. "No!! Come Back!!" Jin yelled, "Tell her I'm waiting!! Tell her I'm here!!!" Jin fell to his knees. "Tell her she is all I've got!!!!" Next Chap. 14 "The Night"

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