"Oh, Ji-Yeon," Sun Hwa cried, as she weakly walked over to the glass window of the observation room. "My beautiful baby! I have missed you so much!" Ji-Yeon reached out to Sun. "Mama! I miss you!" Ji-Yeon quietly said. Sun pressed her hands hard against the glass. Ji-Yeon touched the glass softly. "Can I hold her?" Sun asked Dr. Zander, "Can I go out to her? It is so cold in here! Can I hold my daughter?" Dr. Zander glanced at Mr. and Mrs. Paik, through the window, then back at Sun. "Uh, not at this time, Ms. Kwon!" he said. Sun stared intensely at Zander, then at her parents. "Something is not right," Sun said, "What is it? What are you keeping from me?" "Why nothing, daughter!" Paik replied. Sun looked at her Father once more with anger. "Father!" she said, "With all due respect. SHUT UP! I am asking the Doctor! I don't now or ever expect an honest answer from you! Now, Doctor, what is it that my Father has asked you not to tell me?" Dr. Zander cleared his throat nervously. "Ms. Kwon, right now you are being kept alive by an IV of special regenetive drugs and the cold temperatures are helping fight off tissue decay. We started the Resurrection by exposing you to high doses of electro-magnetic pulses. But to continue that would result in eventually destroying all of your molecular structure! We are developing new drugs and therapies to try and make your life as normal as possible." "As normal as possible? How normal, Doctor?" Sun asked. "Well, Zander replied, "You cannot leave this room! You cannot withdraw from the drugs we are feeding you! If you did, then it would result in a very rapid degeneration that, in turn, would create a very undesirable outcome." "And what would be that outcome?" Sun asked. Zander again cleared his throat. "You would once again die!" he replied. Next Chap. 13 "The Savant"

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