Jin Kwon was lost. No direction. No reference point. Nothing. He wandered aimlessly. Anger. Fear. Sadness. All these emotions conquered his consciousness. He kept walking. Suddenly! Up ahead! Something! A form! Jin walked slowly. Watching. The form slowly took shape! A boat! A small fishing boat! Floating in a bright white sea. Suspended in the nothingness. In the boat was another shape. A human shape! The shape turned and looked at Jin. It smiled. "Hello, my son!" It was the image of Jin's Father! "Father!" Jin replied, "why are you here?" The shape continued to smile. "You brought me here!" it said. Jin shook his head. "I...I don't understand!" Jin said. "You don't know what to do," the Father shape said, "doesn't a son ask his Father for advice? At least a son should ask his Father for advice. But apparently not my son! Apparently, my son was always too embarrassed by his Father. But now your spirit is confused. You desperately reach out. You now seek your Father's advice!" Jin held his head down. Tears flowed. "Yes. Father," Jin said, "I do ask for advice I do not deserve. Please. I don't know what to do. I've lost her again. I've lost Sun Hwa!" Then suddenly another voice! Jin looks up. His Father's shape shifts. Another shape forms. A familiar shape. Jae Lee now stands before him. "You've lost Sun Hwa?" Jae Lee mockingly asked, "the question is, did you ever really have her in the first place?" Jin's anger grew. "Yes! I had her!!! I had her for eternity!!!" The Jae Lee shape laughed. "You always treated her like property. I know our culture can demand this. But Sun Hwa was always special. She could never ever be owned. She was and will always be a free spirit. In life or in death. That is something you never understood. Something you may never understand!" "NO!!" Jin screamed. "I do understand! I love her!! I need her!!!" Jae Lee just shook his head. "You. You. You. Always about you!" Jae Lee said. Jin just stood sobbing. Jae Lee then shifted back into Jin's Father. "So, my son," the Father shape said, "You want Sun back? Well, it is not up to you, is it? It was and will always be up to Sun. You go now. You move on. You look for that place. That place Sun knows. A place that, if she decides to come back, you will be there waiting. That is the only advice I can give you. That is the only advice a Father can give his son!" Then the shape dissolved. Jin shook his head. He understood. "Thank you, Father" he whispered. Jin now knew of only one place. He walked on. He concentrated. He projected his full spirit into the nothingness. Used his consciousness to try and form that place. Then Jin saw another shape up ahead. Forming out of the emptiness that enveloped Jin's world. The shape of a building. The shape of a steeple. It was where Jin would wait for his love. If she ever came back. It was the Church! Jin would wait for eternity for her if he had to. Eternity was all he now had! Next Chap. 12 "The Discussion"

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