Sun-Hwa stared at the bright white ceiling of the examination room. "What do you last remember before you died, Ms. Kwon?" asked Dr. Zander. Zander wore a containment suit. The temperatures within the room were unbearable to normal life. Outside the room, on the other side of the glass, stood Sun's parents. Sun spoke with no emotion. "We were in a submarine. Trying to escape. There was a bomb. It exploded. The sub sank. I was pinned down. Trapped. Jin tried to save me. It was too late. I begged him to leave. He wouldn't. We held hands. I felt the coldness of the sea. The taste of saltwater. The water entering my lungs. The nothing. Then something. I was with Jin once again. We were living our lives. But something was not quite right. Everything was happening so fast. So strange. Then we suddenly understood. We came to a church. We were with many others. I was so happy. Jin and I walked out of the church into a bright white light. Then we were eternally together. Until now." Sun looked past Dr. Zander, addressing her Father. "How did you find us?" she asked. Paik stepped closer to the glass. "I found you by tracking that micro locator device you let Charles Widmore insert under your skin to help him locate that damned island!" "Why didn't you recover Jin?" Sun sadly asked. "I had only a limited time," Paik replied, "This operation was risky. Just to recover you!" "Yes, Ms. Kwon," Dr. Zander added, "this is all experimental. You are the first human we have ever resurrected. This is all due to your Father's generous financial backing. You should be proud!" Sun laughed, "So my Father's wealth and power can reach all the way into heaven, huh? Oh, yes, I am so proud!" Sun just turned away. "Sun, we have another visitor for you," Paik said, as he nodded to his wife. Sun turned around and looked. On the other side of the window, being held up by Sun's Mother, was a child. "Mama!" the child cried, reaching out with her small arms toward Sun. "Ji-Yeon!" Sun said, as tears once again began to flow. But these tears were of joy! Next Chap. 11 "The Place"

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