Soon Lost will be gone and for alot of us its going to be tough. We will probably go through some withdrawels for awhile. Meantime here are some suggestions of TV series, Movies, and books you might check out that will help ease the pain. TV series: Haunted: Matthew Fox's pre-Lost series. He plays a detective who can see and talk to ghosts. Its pretty good. Harsh Realm: Terry O'Quinn is the bad guy in this alternate reality/computer simulation sci-fi series. Miracles: Investigators travel around looking into "religious miracles" but find an evil "presence" wherever they go. Look for Sam Anderson (Bernard) and Maggie Grace (Shannon) in an episode as Father and daughter. Profit: Not exactly a sci-fi series but if you liked the way Ben Linus manipulated people well you'll love Jim Profit. Look for Francois Chau (Pierre Chang) in an episode. Charlie Jade: A great alternate reality sci-fi series.

Movies: Existenz: A mind boggling film of what is real or not. One of the best ending lines of any movie. Cube series: A nightmarish adventure with conspiracies galore.Watch all three to see how they all connect at the end. Run Lola Run: Mind-bending film with a dozen alternate endings.

Books: Paratime Police by H. Bean Piper, Anathem by Neal Stephensen, Sidewise in Time by Murray Leinster, Random Quest by John Wyndham, Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges, City and the city by China Meiville

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