Miskatonic University music composition professor Brian Hibbs entered his campus office. He took a seat behind his desk and flipped on a radio to listen to his favorite ancient oldies station. The song “Black Magic Woman” by Santana filled the air. Hibbs began to sing along.

"Ya Got Your Spell On Me Ba…Beee! Ya Got Your Spell On Me Ba…Beee!"*'

He took the envelope that contained the $25,000 Anton Mittlewerk had given him, and laid it on the desk in front of him and smiled. At this moment, all was right within his world.

Suddenly, there was a knock at his office door. He glanced up to see a very pretty girl, with green streaked purple hair, standing in the doorway giving him a subtle smile. Wearing a combination of leather and lace, with a stove top hat on her head and aviation goggles around her neck, she carried a small suede frilled purse over her shoulder. She looked like she had just stepped out of the 19th century. Hibbs didn’t immediately recognize her, but thought she could be a student of his.

“Professor Hibbs?” she sweetly asked.

“Yes!” Hibbs happily answered, “may I help you?”

“Maybe,” the girl replied.

“Well, come on in and have a seat,” Hibbs said.

She took a seat from across his desk.

“So what can I do for you?” he asked, thinking if she was in any of his classes, how could he not remember her since she was such a cute girl and dressed so quirky?

“Well,” she began, taking a piece of music sheet paper from the small purse she carried, “I’ve been composing a song and I’m having a little trouble with some of the hooks. Would you be so sweet as to please take a look at my sheet music for me? I would be forever grateful to you, if you would.” The girl flirtatiously smiled, as she handed Hibbs the sheet of music.

“Why sure,” Hibbs replied, as he began to examine the notes written down across the staff.

“Well,” he started to say, pointing to some music notations a quarter of the way down the sheet, “you have a B flat note duplicated right here.”

“Where?” the girl curiously asked.

“Right here,” Hibbs answered, laying the sheet flat on his desk and pointing to the note.

Suddenly, the girl took a syringe from her purse and jabbed it hard into Hibbs’s hand! She pushed the plunger all the way down, which injected a purple liquid directly into his bloodstream.

“WHAT THE F….??!!” Hibbs cried out, as he immediately pulled his hand away!

The girl smiled coldly.

Just then the song, “Rooms on Fire” by Stevie Nicks, came on the radio.

'Well Maybe I’m Just Thinkin’ That The Rooms Are All On Fire! Everytime That You Walk In The Room! Well There Is Magic All Around You! If I Do Say So Myself! I Have Known This Much Longer Than I’ve Known You!*''''

Hibbs’s eyes began to glaze over as he immediately looked around his office in panic!

His entire office was now on fire!

He tried to get up from behind his desk and head for the door but flames shot in from outside the hallway! Sections of the ceiling began to spontaneously combust and rain fire down upon him!

He screamed, trying to brush the flaming debris off his back! He glanced incredulously at the girl, who still sat in the chair in front of his desk, untouched by the flames.

“Not that way,” she calmly addressed him.

Hibbs just stood transfixed in terror!

“That’s the way out,” she said, pointing to the large picture window in his office.

Flames began to singe Hibbs’s hair! He screamed and ran towards the window, smashing through the plate glass in an effort to escape the inferno! Hibbs plunged sixteen floors to his death.

“That was just so awesome!” the girl replied, as she took the music sheet and the envelope of money and placed them in her purse.

Lysergic Oldham then giggled to herself, as she exited the office.

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