Liam Pace lit up his twelfth cigarette for the day. As he took a deep drag, he once again stared out the picture window of the recreation room at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, lost in thought.

“Why kind of story, Dad?” Megan Pace impatiently asked.

“What story?” Liam replied, still staring into the space outside the window.

“The story, sir,” Charlie Hume reminded him, “as to why your niece, Charlene Collins, has been kidnapped!”

“Oh, yeah,” Liam replied, as he took a second shorter drag on the cigarette, letting the smoke slowly exit out his nose and mouth, “the story.”

Liam turned back away from the window, his face taking on a serious tone.

“Then I’ll tell you the story,” he began, “a story no one else knows except me and them.”

“Them?!” Charlie said.

Liam nodded, “Them! You see, about a year ago, this weirdo sleazy type guy looked me up. Told me he worked for some wealthy pinhead, who was involved in a variety of projects. Told me that out in the music world, especially in Europe and the Far East, there was a growing interest of all things related to the band me and my late brother formed.”

“Drive Shaft!” Charlie interrupted.

“Drive Shaft,” Liam replied, “actually, this dude told me that the growing public interest wasn’t in Drive Shaft, per se, but in my brother, Charlie.”

“Why all the interest in Uncle Charlie?” Megan asked.

“Why not?” Liam replied, “he fits the criteria. First, Drive Shaft’s music hasn’t been heard for awhile, so its all new to a new generation. Second, we were the proverbial “one hit wonders” which always interests the “where the hell are they now?” crowd and third, Charlie’s dead!

That always brings out the ghoulish interest in people. You know, the “if he had lived, what would he be doing? How would his music have changed, if at all? Would he even be composing music?” Add to the fact the way he died, in a plane crash at such a young age! The “he had so much potential, what could he have accomplished musically had he lived?!” You know, all that bullshit!”

Liam then took a much deeper and angrier drag on his cigarette.

“Hell, the joke’s on all of them! Had he lived, he would have ended up dead of a heroin overdose anyway!” Liam added.

“What’s all this got to do with this envelope and Char’s kidnapping?” Charlie asked.

“Well, I’m gonna get to that,” Liam continued, “he said there had not only been an interest in Charlie but there had been a kind of cult growing around him. So much so, that there is a group that is actually trying to find the island he crashed on, in order to set up some type of bloody monument in his memory. Kinda weird, huh?”

“Yeah, kinda weird,” Charlie replied, his impatience subtly growing by the minute.

“Anyway,” Liam continued, “the guy said that this growing interest could become very financially rewarding if any solo recordings Charlie may have made could be released. He said there was a potential to make millions off those recordings.”

“What did you say to that, Dad?” Megan inquired.

Liam devilishly smiled, “I told ‘em all to bugger off!!”

“Well, obviously they didn’t,” Charlie added.

“Spot on, mate!” Liam replied, “and you needed a detective’s license to figure all that out?”

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