As dark as this night was, it appeared as if any moment it was about to be drawn into the even darker monolithic building that was the corporate headquarters of the Apollo Candy Company, located 42 miles out in the remote desert.

“This is where they took my daughter? To a candy store?!” Liam Pace asked, from the back seat of Pavlov Florensky’s car, that was now parked off the main road and hidden amongst some sand dunes overlooking the Apollo facility.

“I think this is more than just a candy store,” Charlie Hume replied.

The tracking glue they had placed on the documents had led them here. Megan Pace had to be somewhere inside. The problem now for Charlie, Pavlov, and Liam, was how to get in and rescue her and hopefully Charlene.

Surrounding the building facilities were several large pylon type towers that subtly hummed with a force not to be taken lightly.

“Its generating some type of Electro-Magnetic field,” Pavlov observed, “they're using some awfully extreme security tactics just to protect the formula for combining chocolate and peanut butter!”

“So, Pav,” Charlie replied, “how we get in?!”

“Well,” Pavlov began, “I figure these are our options. We can wait for a vehicle to either leave or enter the facilities, then sneak in before the main gate closes.”

“I’m sure they’ve got high-tech cameras to catch anyone trying that,” Charlie noted, “and who knows how long before a vehicle comes by? Megans here and more than likely so is Char. We can’t afford to wait too long!”

“Da!” Pavlov agreed, “then I could try to locate an auxiliary power box and see if I can cut the connections in order to disable the field and open the gate!”

“If we found a box, could you do that?!” Charlie asked.

Pavlov shrugged, “Maybe. Maybe not! I don’t know what type of circuits they have wired together. Better if I’d had a schematic but alas, I do not!”

“Then scratch that idea!” Charlie lamented, “is there any way we could get over the field?”

“Da, if we could find a poll to vault over with or could muster the strength to jump high enough!” Pavlov cynically answered, “and, as you pointed out, even if we could do that and get into the facilities, any security camera or any guard would quickly detect us!”

“I was afraid you’d say that!” Charlie replied.

“Then what the hell are we going to do??!!” Liam angrily asked.

“What are “WE” going to do?!” Charlie sternly replied, “you’re not going to do a damned thing! You’re going to stay right here!”

“Bloody hell, I’m am!” Liam angrily replied, “my daughter and niece is in there and its my own damn fault they are!”

Charlie didn’t reply.

Suddenly, Pavlov remembered something.

“I just thought of someone who might be able to help!” Pavlov stated.

“Who?” Charlie asked.

“An old, old comrade from long, long ago,” Pavlov answered, “might be able to provide us with some kind of distraction and help get us over that fence!”

“It would take too long for anyone to make it here in time, Pav!” Charlie skeptically replied.

“Maybe not!” Pavlov replied, “last I heard, my friend was living out in the desert. I’d guess about twenty or, at the least, no more than twenty-three miles away!”

“That’s too far!” Charlie stated.

“Not for my friend,” Pavlov laughed.

“Well, you think your friend would help us?!” Charlie anxiously asked.

“Da, I think so!” Pavlov answered, as he took out his Cell phone and scanned the address book.

“Aw, and here is the number,” Pavlov said, “I’ll make the call. I just hope my friend is home and not too drunk!”

“Marvelous!” Charlie replied.

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