After being strapped down in a chair in the middle of some laboratory, Megan Pace watched Lysergic Oldham fill several syringes with pills she had just liquefied. Lysergic sang as she worked.

“One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. And the one that… Mother gives you… don’t do anything at all. Go ask Alice…when she’s ten feet tall!”*

Megan recognized the song.

“How you know that old song?” she asked Lysergic, figuring if any of those syringes were meant for her, she might be able to stall just long enough to think of someway to get out of there, no matter how slim of a chance that might be!

Lysergic turned and smiled. Megan noted her smile wasn’t as psychotic as usual. In fact, this time it was actually somewhat sweet!

“When I was a little girl,” she softly answered, “my parents used to sing it to me before I would drift off to sleep beside their bongs!”

“OOOkayyy!” Megan replied. 'So much for “normal" childhood memories’, she thought, then quickly realized, ’I shouldn’t criticize, considering what Dad had put me and Mom through all those years!’

Suddenly, Mischa Bakunin was back at the lab door.

“Lysergic!” he called out, “have you made a decision?!”

“Decision?” Megan asked, “what decision?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Lysergic answered, “I’m trying to decide if you’re going to be the one who gets her mind erased!”

“Erased?!” Megan quizically asked, “you’re just messing with me now, aren’t you?”

“No!” Lysergic replied, “I’m not messing. I’m erasing!”

“Have you made up YOUR mind, Lysergic!!” Bakunin impatiently asked once again.

“Well, let me see,” Lysergic replied, as she stood facing Megan.

“Eney. Meny. Miny. Moe. So which girl?! Should I let go?!” she sing songly wondered.

“Lysergic!!” Bakunin cried out, “for God’s sake, Mittlewerk is waiting! Quit screwing around and make your decision or I’m going to make it for you! We don’t have all day!”

“Oh, muddy ruddy,” Lysergic frowned, “then go ahead and take Miss Megan! She’s a real down drum, anyway! Now, Miss Charlene! She’s spunkola!!”

“Char??!!” Megan immediately cried, “where is she? Take me to her!!”

“Alright, enough,” Bakunin said, as he walked over and began to unclamp Megan’s arms, “you’re coming with me!”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” Megan said, “you take me to Char right now!!”

Megan stood quickly up from the chair, just as Bakunin pulled out a gun and held it under Megan’s chin.

“You will shut up,” Bakunin threatened, “and you will walk real nice like, while I escort you upstairs to see my employer!”

“What does he want with me?!” Megan nervously asked.

“He will tell you, once you arrive!” Bakunin grinned, “now move!!”

Megan had no choice, as Bakunin took her arm and “escorted” her out the lab and towards an elevator, which led up to the 23rd floor and Anton Mittlewerk’s office. Bakunin kept pushing the barrel of the gun deeper into Megan’s back, as they walked.

“HEY!!” Megan yelled, “easy with that gun! That hurts!!”

“Keep moving!!” Bakunin commanded.

As Lysergic watched Bakunin take Megan away, she took a syringe and a tranquilizer gun and walked down the hall to the room that held Charlene Collins. She unbolted then slowly opened the door.

“Wake up, Miss Charlene!” Lysergic called out, “welcome to your nightmare!!”

Next: Chap. Thirty-Seven “The Art of Saving Your Own Skin”

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