Megan Pace felt the car come to a quick stop. She had arrived but where, she had no idea. She was still tied up and still had the burlap bag over her head! Immediately, she was removed from the car and, from what she could hear, was now being taken from someplace outside to someplace inside. Megan heard the echoes of her and her escort’s footsteps, which indicated to her she was now in some type of large enclosure.

She felt her hands being untied, as she was pushed down into a chair. Her arms were immediately clamped and the burlap bag removed. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the bright white light, as she looked around to discover she was in some type of laboratory, with golden coils that stretched across the ceilings and around the walls. She was facing a glass room with control panels inside. Megan then slowly glanced up to see Mischa Bakunin now standing before her.

“Okay, will you please tell me what is it you want?” she tiredly asked.

“For now, I want you to behave,” Bakunin answered, “then all should go smoothly.”

“Look, I don’t know what this really is all about but apparently you’ve got what you wanted,” Megan continued, “so where is Char? You promised me you would take me to her!”

“She is very near and soon the two of you will be together!” Bakunin answered, “but now I have to see my employer and let him know we have arrived! After I receive further instructions, I will come back for you!”

“Let me go, please!!” Megan begged.

“Patience, Ms. Pace,” Bakunin replied, as he turned and exited the lab.

Just moments after he left, a young girl walked in. Her long purple and green streaked hair framed a very pretty face. A face Megan felt could of graced the cover of any fashion magazine. However, Megan also noted there was something not right about this very pretty girl. She had that crazy look in her eyes which could only mean one thing, trouble! When the girl spoke, Megan knew she was right. Especially about the crazy part!

“Well, well, well,” Purple hair girl said, “who do we have here?”

“Megan,” Megan answered, “and you are?”

“I’m Lysergic!” Purple hair girl perkily answered.

“Well, Lysergic,” Megan said, “could you, like, release me?!”

“Like…when?” Lysergic asked.

“Like…right now!!” Megan replied.

Lysergic slowly walked in circles around and around and around Megan.

“Good… things… come… to… those… who… wait!” Lysergic said, in a sing song fashion.

“Are you the entertainment committee or something?” Megan sarcastically asked.

Lysergic frowned, as she tried to think of a reply.

“Yes! I am this evening’s entertainment,” she finally answered with a giggle, as she walked over and opened a cabinet and took out what appeared to Megan to be a portable battery charger with two jumper cables, “so…we better get this party started!”

“What do you think you’re going to do with that?!” Megan nervously asked.

“Well, duh! This is a power cell, so I’m going to use it to shoot some voltage through you,” Lysergic impatiently replied, “but its all good!!”

“Why in the hell would you want to do that??!!" Megan cried out.

“Just to see what will happen, I guess,” Lysergic shrugged, “maybe it’ll make your mind go back in time!!”

As Lysergic approached Megan with cables in hand, Mischa Bakunin suddenly reappeared at the lab door.

“Lysergic!!!” Bakunin yelled, “what were you told about conducting unauthorized experiments, huh?!”

“This isn’t an unauthorized experiment!” Lysergic replied.

“Oh, and who authorized it?!” Bakunin suspiciously asked.

“Me!!” Lysergic replied.

Bakunin rolled his eyes.

“Listen,” Bakunin irritatingly replied, “Mittlewerk’s calling from upstairs. He wants to talk with you right now!”

“Just as soon as I shock Miss Megan,” Lysergic psychotically grinned, “I’ll go and chat with Mr. Mittlewerk!”

“NO!!” Bakunin replied sternly, “you will talk with him now!!! I’m heading up to deliver the item. I’m sure once he receives what he has sought, you’ll be free to do what you want but not until then! Don’t screw this up this late in the game! You understand me, little girl?!”

“I’m not a little girl,” Lysergic defiantly answered, “I’m eighteen years old!!”

“Yes, okay. Just go and talk to Mittlewerk, all right?!” Bakunin irritatingly replied.

Lysergic thought it over before answering.

“Oh, Okey-Dokey-Pokey!!” she finally replied, as she placed the power cell and cables down on a table off to the side. As she headed out the lab, Lysergic called back to Megan, “I’ll be back faster than two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Don’t freak out or anything until I get back, okay? Cause I want to be here to watch you freak out!”

“Oh, I’ll be waiting with baited breath for your return!” Megan sarcastically replied, then quickly addressing Bakunin she fearfully added, “keep her the hell away from me!! You do realize she’s mental, don’t you?!”

“Yes. Please accept my apologies,” Bakunin replied, “my colleague gets a little “over enthusiastic” sometimes.”

“It seems you’re all a little “overenthusiastic” around here!” Megan replied.

Bakunin nodded then once again left the lab.

Megan quickly realized this place was worse than that mental institute her father had checked himself into and she had to get out and get out fast! Problem was, she had no idea how! All she could do for now was pray that Charlie had a fix on her location and was on the way!

Next: Chap. Thirty-Two “Calling Old Comrades”

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