Charlene Collins didn’t answer Lysergic Oldham’s question, instead she gave her a cynical smile of internal hatred.

“I asked you a question,” Lysergic repeated, “who were you talking to when you were in the magnetic field?”

“None of your business, Bitch!” Charlene answered, just before she felt the stinging pain of Lysergic’s slap across her face.

“Don’t mess with me, Slut!!” Lysergic replied, as she slapped Charlene much harder a second time, “now, who did you see?!”

“My father,” Charlene finally answered, trying to shake off the sting.

“Cool!” Lysergic replied excitedly, “when’s the last time you two spoke?”

Charlene glared up at Lysergic with a look that could kill.

“It was the first time we ever met,” Charlene answered, “as a matter of fact, it was first time we’ve ever spoken!”

“Awesome!” Lysergic replied, “where’s he at?”

“I don’t know, we didn’t get around to discussing his location,” Charlene angrily answered, “he’s in heaven, hell, or limbo, I guess, cause he’s dead!”

“Oh, wow!” Lysergic said, “you’ve spoken to the dead! How cool is that? Did he say anything dead like?!”

“Dead like?!” Charlene asked, “honey, I’d suggest you lay off the self-medication for awhile, okay?”

“Did he say anything psychic,” Lysergic continued, “like about the future or stuff?”

“Yeah, he did,” Charlene sarcastically replied, “he specifically told me you didn’t have a future!”

Lysergic raised her hand once again to slap the snot out of Charlene.

Charlene closed her eyes and cringed in anticipation but suddenly Lysergic cried out.


Charlene opened her eyes to see Mischa Bakunin had taken a hold of Lysergic’s long purple hair and was pulling her very painfully away.

“I told you,” Bakunin angrily addressed Lysergic, “no more of your experiments until you’ve been given the go ahead! Who gave you permission to remove the prisoner from her room, anyway?!! You’re going to screw around and get us both killed!!”

“OWWWWWWW!!!!” Lysergic continued to cry.

“Untie her,” Bakunin ordered, as he released his grip on Lysergic, “and take her back to the room, NOW!!”

Lysergic stopped her sobbing, as she undid the leather straps that kept Charlene uncomfortably belted down. She grabbed Charlene’s arm and led her out of the lab and back down the hallway to her room.

Bakunin followed, as if to make sure Lysergic did what he had ordered.

Something Lysergic quickly noticed.

“What the hell do you want now?!” she angrily asked Bakunin, “you following up on me?!”

“Someone has to,” he replied.

“Screw you, Mischa!” Lysergic said, as she held Charlene just outside the entrance to her room, “just leave me the hell alone and don’t you ever touch me again!!”

As Mischa and Lysergic became distracted while engaged in an “intense discussion”, Charlene noticed she was near a table. Amongst the half empty water bottles, empty paper plates, and used plastic utensils that were strewn about the table top, was Charlene’s zap gun. Charlene casually reached down, grabbed the zapper, and quickly hid it in the inner pocket of her jeans.

When the time was right, she figured she’d use that little zapper for some electrified payback!

Next: Chap. Eighteen “For Services Rendered”

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