Pavlov Florensky had just arrived outside the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Charlie Hume was waiting to greet him.

“I always figured you end up in a place like this someday,” Pavlov joked, “in the army we used to call them “Bug Houses!”

“Don’t even joke about it, man. You know places like this creep me out,” Charlie replied, “so Comrade, what do you have for me?”

“Speaking of “bugs”, Pavlov smiled, as he took a small tube out of his coat pocket.

“What is it, some type of glue?” Charlie wondered.

“Its called “Tracer glue”,” Pavlov replied, “you just take a bit and dab it on any paper or clothing. Its totally invisible and undetectable and the micro-transmitters within the liquid will allow you to easily trace anything your tracking.”

“Totally undetectable?” Charlie asked.

“Totally!” Pavlov answered.

“Where you get stuff like this?” Charlie laughed.

“I have my sources,” Pavlov laughed back.

“So, want to come on in and meet my client?” Charlie asked.

“No,” Pavlov nervously answered, “I’ll just stay outside for now. Bug houses creep me out as well!”

Charlie nodded as he went back inside with the “glue”.

Megan and Liam were looking over the documents that, along with Liam’s swift signature, would instantly turn over all the rights and royalties of Drive Shaft and Charlie Pace to some mystery man, who now held Charlie’s daughter, Charlene Collins, hostage.

“Have you signed it, yet?” Charlie asked, as he sat back down at a table with Megan and Liam.

Megan nodded.

“Against my better judgment, yeah,” Liam replied, “I just hope you know what the hell you’re doing!”

“Could I take a look at the document for a second?” Charlie asked. Megan handed it over.

Charlie took the tube of “glue” and squeezed out just a dab and lightly smeared it across the top of the document.

“What are you doing?” Liam asked.

“Giving us a chance to find Char,” Charlie replied, “so Mr. Pace, if the papers have been signed, I’d suggest you make that call.”

“I was afraid you’d say that,” Liam replied, as he took out a piece of paper from the envelope that contained a single phone number that supposedly would put him in contact with the “man in charge”. Who would then, supposedly, give him further instructions. Liam had been given a specific time, as to when he was supposed to call, and that time was now rapidly approaching.

Megan handed Liam her cell phone and as he dialed, she asked, “Charlie, you really think we have a chance of getting Char back alive?”

“Yeah,” Charlie stoically replied, as to not upset Megan, “we have a chance.”

'But that was all it was,’ Charlie thought, “a chance and a slim one at that!”

Next: Chap. Twenty “Rooms on Fire”

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