Charlene Collins, cuffed and blindfolded, was dragged out of her very soft bed and a few minutes later, after the blindfold was removed, found herself strapped down in a hard wood chair, sitting in the middle of a some type of laboratory. Snaked across the ceilings and down the walls were large copper coils.

Lysergic Oldham was standing next to her with a crazy smile on her face.

“WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??!!” Charlene angrily screamed.

“I’m gonna do an excellent experiment!” Lysergic answered, as she giggled with excitement.

“What kind of “excellent” experiment?” Charlene nervously wondered.

“A real awesome kind of experiment,” Lysergic replied, “I’m gonna inject you with a new chemical I developed. It relaxes the neuron firings within your brain’s synapses.”

“I don’t know what the hell you’re even talking about,” Charlene anxiously replied, “but it doesn’t sound good. SO RELEASE ME!!!!!”

“The relaxation of the synapses should allow you to be able to become psychic,” Lysergic calmly continued, “then I’m gonna zap you with a strong dose of Electro-Magnetic Energy!”

“Why?!” Charlene asked, knowing you didn’t need a degree in psychology to realize Lysergic Oldham was certifiably insane!

Lysergic stared at Charlene for a few moments, as she tried to come up with an answer to Charlene’s question. She stared blankly, as her thoughts scrambled around inside her head.

“I just want to see what will happen!” Lysergic finally answered, “maybe you’ll have an out of body experience. I have them all the time and they’re really cool!!”

Charlene figured this girl had probably had more ‘out of mind’ experiences than out of body ones!

“Didn’t I overhear your boss tell you not to do any experiments?” Charlene sternly asked, “especially on me?!”

“Mischa isn’t my boss!” Lysergic defiantly replied, “I do what I wanna do!”

“Then why don’t you test all your stupid experimental stuff on yourself?!” Charlene asked.

“I have,” Lysergic innocently answered, “lots of times!”

‘That explains everything,’ Charlene thought.

Suddenly, Lysergic produced a large hypodermic needle and immediately injected it into Charlene’s neck!

“OWW!!! THAT HURT!!! YOU PSYCHO BITCH!!!!!!” Charlene screamed.

Lysergic quickly left the lab, then reappeared in a some type of control room adjacent the lab. Charlene could see, through the glass wall that separated the room from the lab, a variety of switches and levers.

She continued to scream at the top of her lungs for Lysergic to stop this madness but Lysergic either couldn’t hear Charlene’s protests or, more than likely, ignored them, as she began to mess with the levers and switches.

Charlene suddenly felt a rumbling that began to vibrate the entire lab. She noticed the surrounding coils had begun to take on a subtle golden glow. She also knew it didn’t take a degree in Physics to realize that it now appeared she was about to be nuked in one hell of a microwave oven!

Next: Chap. Ten “Alone and Insane”

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