Charlie Hume, Liam Pace, and Pavlov Florensky, spied through an air vent, as they hid in a ductway that overlooked some kind of laboratory. They noticed what appeared to be a glass cage sitting in the middle of the lab. Standing just inside one of the cage’s doors was Liam’s daughter, Megan!

Inside the cage a thin man, dressed in black, stood staring at a dark mist that was slowly swirling around. Outside the cage, over by a control console, was another man with an intense look upon his face.

“There’s my girl!! There’s Megan!!!” Liam whispered, “I’m going after her!”

“Hold it!!” Charlie replied, “we’ve got to have a plan of attack first!”

“I agree!” Pavlov said, “we need to review our options and figure out how to get this vent off!”

“I’ve had it with plans and options,” Liam replied, “and as for this vent….!”

Liam took his foot and kicked as hard as he could, sending the vent crashing down onto the lab floor.

Meanwhile, Megan stood transfixed in the leeway of the cage.

Anton Mittelwerk also stood transfixed in front of a swirling cloud of dark mist that was his wife.

Soon after the loud crashing sound, Megan felt herself suddenly being pulled out of the leeway. She glanced back to see her Father had taken a hold of her.

“DAD!!!” she cried out in surprise!

“You’re coming with me, darlin’!” Liam said, as he pushed Megan protectively behind him.

Charlie and Pavlov dropped down from the vent and were now on the lab floor with weapons drawn.

Pavlov moved quickly around the cage, bearing in on Bakunin behind the control console.

Bakunin suddenly pulled out a .45 handgun and fired off two rounds in Pavlov‘s direction!

Pavlov ducked, rolled, and tumbled, as Bakunin’s shots ricocheted off the wall!

Pavlov flipped back over, raised the shotgun, and fired one round!

The hollow point shell entered Bakunin’s left eye and exploded out the back of his skull! Blood and brain matter sprayed all across the wall, as he collapsed upon the console!

In the cage, Mittelwerk made a mad dash for the open door but Liam stepped in to block his escape. He shoved Mittelwerk back into the cage and quickly slammed the cage door shut, locking him in!

“Let me out!!” Mittelwerk pleaded, “Please!!! I beg you!!! Pleeeaaasssee!!!”

“Game over, asshole!!!” Liam devilishly smiled, as he rejoined Megan outside the cage.

Mittelwerk pounded on the Plexi Glas in desperation. Behind him, the cloud of dark mist swirled like a scorpion ready to strike.

Suddenly it struck!

Mittelwerk screamed, as the mist snaked around, grabbed him from behind, then slammed him down to the floor!

“Elke!!! Stop!!!” Mittelwerk pleaded, “Elllkkkeeee!!!!”

Megan looked away, as the mist enveloped Mittelwerk and, within seconds, the Plexi Glas was splattered with blood and body parts as “Elke” tore her husband to shreds!

“My God!!” Liam muttered, as he made the sign of the cross across his chest!

Suddenly, the entire lab began to vibrate! Charlie immediately knew what was happening!

Bakunin’s body had slumped forward over the power lever that controlled the Electro-Magnetic field. The field was now out of control and intensifying!

“We’ve got to get out of here now!!” Charlie cried out, “this whole place is going to implode!!”

“We can’t go back out the ducts,” Liam replied.

“That way!” Charlie motioned towards the lab doors.

They quickly exited the lab, as the E-M field continued to intensify.

Megan glanced back, one last time, to see the dark mist swirl into an angry vortex! UnGodly, inhuman screams eminated from the mist, as the high energy field became destabilized and began to destroy “Elke”!

As they escaped into the hallway, they almost tripped over a dozen bodies spread throughout the hall. Remnants of a white smoke hung close to the floor.

“What the hell happened here?” Liam confusedly asked.

“Looks like they were having their own party!” Pavlov remarked.

“Everyone into the elevator!” Charlie ordered.

They quickly entered, carefully stepping over the bodies. Pavlov grabbed one body that was blocking the door, and tossed it into the hallway.

Charlie pressed the down button, hoping it was still operable.

The vibrations from the lab were growing stronger, as the whole building started to shake.

The door closed and the elevator began its descent.

“About time you guys got here!” Megan teasingly smiled, “I’ve never been happier to see anyone in my life!!”

“Lets hold off on the celebrations,” Charlie replied, “we’re not out of this, just yet!”

Suddenly, the air vent above them swung down, revealing the barrel of a gun that was pointed in their direction!

“Terrific!” Liam uttered.

Next: Chap. Forty-Four “The Uncontrolled Chaos”

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