Our Mutual Friend Bar and Grill was crowded for a weekday night. The featured band, Crank Case, had just finished its first set and was on break.

Over by the bar, three of Crank Case’s band members were having an intense “conversation”.

“I’m telling you, I once saw an Albino Bigfoot!” Bat, the bass player claimed. Bat was obsessed with Bigfoot.

“There ain’t no such thing as Bigfoot!” Fur, the lead guitarist replied, “you probably saw a bear!”

“Maybe you saw a Polar Bear!” Par, the drummer suggested.

“It wasn’t no Polar Bear!” Bat defended, “you only see Polar Bears at the North Pole!”

Megan Pace wandered over.

“Guys, after the break, we’re gonna lead off with that “special tribute” song we rehearsed earlier, okay?” Megan said.

“No problem, Meg!!” Fur answered, as all three nodded.

Megan smiled and headed over to a booth, where her cousin and co-vocalist, Charlene Collins was sitting next to Charlie Hume and Megan's Father, Liam Pace.

Along the way, she passed another booth, where Pavlov Florensky and Frank Lapidus were having their own intense “discussion.”

“Frank, my friend,” Pavlov said, “I’ve been meaning to ask you a question!”

“Shoot!” Frank replied.

“How did you ever come into possession of a Soviet built stealth helicopter like the Sarkasky 14?!”

“Aw, hell, Comrade!” Frank grinned, “you wouldn’t believe it if I told you!”

“Try me!” Pavlov chuckled.

“I won it in a bet!” Frank replied, “it’s a very, very long story!”

“If you keep buying the booze,” Pavlov laughed, “I’ve got plenty of time to hear it!!”

Frank just laughed.

Megan joined Charlene, Charlie, and Liam, in their booth.

Liam was telling Charlene about her Father.

“He really was the talented one between us!” Liam said, “I guess I shouldn’t of been so dismissive when he came to visit that time in Australia!”

Liam reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to Charlene.

“What’s this, Uncle Liam?” she asked.

“Your Father’s tapes,” Liam answered, “you should have them. I guess they’re not worth much on the market. But that’s not the fault of your Father!”

“They’re worth a lot to me personally, Uncle Liam!” Charlene replied, with tears in her eyes.

“I’m glad, darlin’,” Liam said, as he reached over and gave Charlene a hug.

“And who knows?’ Liam added, “maybe one day the world will be ready for another Drive Shaft comeback tour! But they’d better hurry up, cause I ain’t gettin any younger! Although, I heard Geronimo Jackson is back in the recording studio and those old geezers have got to be in their 90’s, at least!”

Everyone in the booth laughed.

Megan snuggled up to Charlie, placing her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you for helping us, Charlie,” she whispered.

“Always glad to go out on an adventure,” Charlie smiled, “and if it involves you and Char, then I KNOW its going to be an adventure!”

Megan laughed.

Suddenly, the stage lights blinked twice, signaling the break was over.

Charlene and Megan got up and headed towards the stage, where Fur, Bat, and Par were already standing by.

The crowd began to applaud.

Megan took the microphone.

“Thank you!” she said, “we would like to dedicate this next “golden oldie” to someone here tonight and, with some encouragement from all you guys, we would like to get him up on the stage to help us sing it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, one of the founding members of the classic band Drive Shaft! My Dad, LIAM PACE!!!”

The crowd cheered. A stage spotlight swung around to illuminate Liam in the booth. Liam feebly waved and blew a kiss to Megan and Charlene.

Then with the encouragement of Charlene and Megan, who began to lead the crowd in chanting, “DRIVE SHAFT!!!! DRIVE SHAFT!! DRIVE SHAFT!!” Liam smiled, stubbed out his twentieth cigarette for the night, and headed towards the stage, to the delight of the crowd!

Up on stage, Liam took the microphone to make his own announcement.

“Its been awhile, since I’ve been on a stage,” he said, “and it still feels pretty good!”

The crowd cheered once again.

“I’ve really been a blessed man!” Liam continued, “blessed with a wonderful daughter and niece and good friends. I guess I didn’t know it at the time but I was also blessed with having a brother, who I miss very much!

He’s not here tonight, at least not physically, but he’s here with us in spirit! And as long as I always remember that, and his daughter and my own daughter always remember that, then he will always be here to watch over us! Thank you, Charlie! Wherever you are!!”

The crowd applauded loudly.

Megan and Charlene became misty eyed.

“Thank you, Uncle Liam,” Charlene, choking back tears, announced, “and now in tribute to you and Dad, we want you to accompany us on this next song. You All Everybody!!!”

The crowd roared, as the band kicked in. Liam laughed, as he took the microphone and sang along with Charlene and Megan.


Pavlov and Frank clapped along, as Charlie gave a thumbs up towards the stage. Megan nodded and smiled back. And at that moment, all was right with the world.

Meanwhile, out on a deserted desert road, a purple Vespa putted along.

Steering the scooter was a pretty girl, wearing a frilly lace dress and knee high black leather boots. On her head was a black top hat and her eyes were covered by some old style aviator goggles. Long purple hair, with streaks of green, flowed back from under her hat.

Lysergic Diethyamide Oldham glanced up into the clear night sky and smiled. She suddenly remembered another old song her parents used to sing to her as a child. So, she began to sing it.


The End.

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